Imma let you all in on a little secret of mine. 

I'm kind of an idiot.

Just kidding! Kind of. Basically I guess I can't seem to learn from my mistakes. On Wednesday it was my day off from the gym, sweet right? So after work and battling traffic I got home and realized it was also the day of my neighbor's party. Yeah I know, who has Wednesday night cocktail parties?? Oh right, my kind of people. So I head over there and it is great, fun and food and wine and good times....a bit too much good times for this little lightweight. I woke up on Thursday nursing a wine hangover that basically made work hell. I made it to the gym but there was no way I was doing more than biking and a plank. Fail.

Fast forward to last night. I somehow got Saturday off from my second job (an entire weekend of no work?! holla!) and Friday was my good friend's birthday. I knew I wanted to spend Saturday working out and running errands so I decided I wouldn't get too "festive". We went to Oktoberfest. I'll just save you the details but lets just say today isn't that much fun. All I have managed to do was walk to the post office to mail a package and do one load of laundry.

The moral of this story is DO NOT BE ME. Just say no to the 4th...or errr 8th.... shot. Since I can never learn from my mistakes I will rely on you to learn and be successful for me. Deal? 

Hope everyone is having a better time than me! Oh and did I mention we are having a serious (for So Cal) heat wave? And I have no AC? Just know your having a better time than me.

Happy Saturday!

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