I am beyond happy that it is almost Wednesday (I am writing this on Tuesday night so by the time you read it it will actually be Wednesday! Lucky you!). I felt really good and energized today until my run and now I am just worn out. I guess that is a good thing though? 

I decided against a photo of breakfast since it wasn't a good one at all. Coffee with sugar free hot chocolate and some Pringles. Midmorning snack was raw almonds. I need to shape up when it comes to meals before 1 p.m.
Every Tuesday there are food trucks that meet up by my work. Usually I wouldn't head over there (while I love different food I also love to pack my own healthy boring lunches) but a coworker likes to go and you don't need to ask me twice. I  can't find the name of the truck we went to but it had Vietnamese and Chinese food (win!). I wanted the Fried Rice Wrap (I love carbs) but it was already past 1:30 p.m. and they were out of some of the more popular items. This was a bed of lettuce with a lemon grass dressing and cold noodles with chicken and peanuts on top. I would have loved a warmer meal (fried rice wrap) but the flavors were really good and interesting!
This is how I control my chocolate intake. If this was milk chocolate I would have inhaled the bag in half a day but dark chocolate slows me down. Took me two days! Progress....
Dinner is triple this portion size worth of sweet potato wedges and a turkey burger with spicy mustard. I cannot get enough of spicy ground mustard. 

Like I mentioned earlier today I ran 5 1/2 miles and it was my first run since my 8 mile run last week. I am still trying to figure out how best to train for a half while not pushing myself too hard (and blowing out my knees before the race). I guess its better to undertrain for now and up it later than burn myself out too soon...I hope. 

What's going on for you this Wednesday?
What do you eat for breakfast? I need savory options! 



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Happy Monday lovelies! Let's recap some marvelous things lately shall we? As always thanks to Katie for her Monday link-up!
I am still on a runner's high from my marvelous run last Thursday. I wore my new workout pants (that I got on sale AND were hot/neon pink) and ran my longest run yet! 8 miles on the treadmill was extremely boring but it felt so good to complete the challenge I put out for myself. I strangely wasn't sore at all the next day (besides my feet slightly aching when I shoved them in heels) which was even more marvelous because it reinforces the idea that my body can totally kick this half marathons butt. 
I also tried my first Chai Tea Latte last week! I have had chai from the Keurig but only once and while I liked it I wasn't itching to have it again. This one was so good though. Creamy and sweet and..ugh I want one right now. 
Valentine's Day candy is out. No explanation needed as to why this is so marvelous. 

Something not so marvelous? 
I stopped while on my way to my serving job today and wanted to grab something to tide me over for the shift (I didn't want to be tempted by all the pizza deliciousness). There was no Naked Juice so I figured I would try this. Eww. Maybe I just chose the wrong flavor but it tasted very artificial and strange. I still drank it because I had nothing else but never again. 
Well that's all I got. 

How is everyone else's Monday going?

Any big plans this week? 

I don't know what happened last week but I got my act together today and while I don't have a full days worth of eats I do have more pictures than usual of my eats lately! 

First up lets look at my snacks these past few days: 
Like how the dog totally photo bombed my first pic? That girl is like a moth to a light when she sees the fridge open...Moving on before I get too distracted chatting about her..Has anyone tried the Garlic spread in the first picture?? I found it at Whole Foods when I was looking for a non-hummus spread (my sister doesn't like hummus, I don't know who she thinks she is). It is a rosemary and thyme flavor and is so good. Horrible garlic breath is guaranteed but worth it. The others aren't as exciting...baby tomatoes, hardboiled eggs and almond milk. Random and yummy snacks for when I'm hungry (or just bored)!

Lunch for today was another random meal. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking the night before when I open my lunch the next day...
After I saw the banana Chobani on Katie's blog I made it a point to look for it while grocery shopping. I wish it was more banana-y but it was a healthy lunch none the less... It also reinforced my love for a savory midday meal. I don't seem to find it a meal unless it has veggies and salty protein...odd I am. 
Yesterday was my first "real" training run for my half marathon in March! I met up with my friend who is running it with me and we did a long run at the beach. We ended up doing an hour and twenty minutes and while we both knew we could have done longer (we weren't sprinting it or anything) we were getting close to that mental wall. The run just reinforced my idea that my body will have no issue with the race but my mind and mental focus will need the most training. I am still super excited though :)

Okay well I don't want to get too wordy and bore y'all to sleep so I will wrap this up. I hope everyone's Wednesday is going great!

Any tips on "mentally" training for a half?
What new foods have you been snacking on?
Do you know why this Monday is extra freaking marvelous? Like the most marvelous of all the Mondays? Because I don't have work today!! It may seem a bit sad how much that excites me but oh well I love any day where I get paid to sleep in and chillax. 

This weekend wasn't too shabby either. Saturday was spent lounging around, reading, cooking and cleaning. I also enjoyed these:
Definitely not as good as the homemade thing but it satisfied a perpetual craving. I also baked them instead of pan frying so basically they were calorie free right? ;)

Another marvelous thing?
My January Bulu Box arrived! I haven't tried anything yet but it is fun to see what new stuff is out there and sample the goodies. I am seriously hoping the Dream Water is all it is cracked up to be because this girl has serious insomnia. 

The last marvelous thing is that I signed up for my first half marathon! I knew what date I was going to register for this whole week so I started "training" on Monday and while I am pretty sure my body can handle it (I haven't asked my knee yet but what does it know?) I know it will be a challenge mentally. I get bored REALLY easily and even though I love running and love the feeling I wonder how I will hold up to 13 miles. I ran a little over 5 miles on Thursday and time was dragging. Maybe running outdoors/with a buddy will help?

Today I am planning on shopping and then getting a beach run in with my friend who signed up for the half with me. I hope to get a solid 6 miles in since I only have until early March to prepare! 

 I really thought I had more pictures to share but I guess I just THOUGHT I was taking a lot this weekend...welp...guess I really am getting old an losing my mind. Anyway I do have a lot of questions for y'all!

Have you done a half marathon? Any advice?? How do you balance strength training with training for the race?n it? 
Anyone else get a Bulu Box? How do you like the stuff i



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Happy Monday! Actually it is still Sunday (hence the reason I am in a decent mood) but I know tomorrow morning I will not want to get up early to caffeinate and post an entry so handling it now is the only way!

Like any other weekend this one just flew by...
I had cocktails and saw Django Unchained on Saturday and woooww was it was more gruesome than I would have anticipated. That being said it was also really funny and entertaining. 
Marvelous is also my new Nike workout capris! I love feeling a little more dressed up at the gym (as opposed to sloppy shorts and a XL running shirt). It made my quick run feel a lot better. I don't know how or why but I choose not to question it.
I watched the whole first season of Girls on a matter of two nights. Two work nights. I may have a serious addiction. 
I finally saw the season 2 finale for Downton Abbey! Don't spoil season 3 openers for me since I won't be able to watch it for a few more weeks but the ending for season 2 was cute. Warmed my black little heart. 

Well that is all that is marvelous thus far. I am hoping Monday will bring even more!
What did you do this weekend?
Thanks Jenn for giving me a reason (swift kick in the ass) to blog regularly! 

This week has been crazy so far! Work has been hectic, traffic is back thanks to everyone being back from vacation and the gym is just humming along with all of the January resolutions. I am so happy it is almost Wednesday! Can you sense any sarcasm there? Ugh I guess it doesn't translate well but whatever. Let's eat folks. 
Breakfast is always coffee and a couple mini chocolates from the candy jar. The habit doesn't seem to budge and I am over fighting it so it is what it is. I usually punish myself an hour later by making myself drink green tea. Balance? Snack has been pretty consistent as well. Baby cucumbers with dressing. That photo was when I got a little distracted and dressing happy. Lunch was really good. Anytime there is homemade pizza and a magazine lunch is good as far as I am concerned. Dinner was inhaled so I only took a picture as I paused to breath in between mouthfuls. Chicken tacos with kale and lots of hot sauce. Yum. I'm hungry again all ready. 

I did two 30 minute workout videos on Sunday and OUCH! My arms and back are killing me. I was trying to put a sports bra on at the gym and my yelp was enough to draw attention (and it's the YMCA where people pass out all the time, you gotta be good to get the attention of those ladies). The videos were a mix of yoga and Pilates and while I didn't feel it then I sure have respect for it now. I can't wait to do it again ;)
What's a good workout video? I need one that keeps my attention!
Any food ruts got you lately? My candy and cucumber mornings are becoming unbreakable! 

Happy New Years everyone! I am writing this post Tuesday evening since I know I won't have time tomorrow morning so it is still a holiday over here. 

For New Years Eve I had work :( but the managing partner sent us home at 3 so I had ample time to prep and watch trash tv before the night began. I knew I wasn't down to go to a club or outta town since I am still recovering from the Christmas festivities so I went over to one of my good friend's houses for dinner and relaxation. She is Japanese and her whole family brought so much good food I was about to burst. Home made sushi rolls, sashimi, chicken, pork were all on the menu (plus some items that I have no idea what they were!). Everything was really good and refreshing! After that I went over to another one of my friend's houses to catch up since I hadn't seen here since long before Christmas and then it was right in bed for me. I know, I am super hardcore. 
Home before midnight means more time in my pajamas plus not being on the road when the crazies are leaving bars! Double win!

Today I went on a long walk at the beach with my mom, followed by a breakfast at Good Stuff and then came home to do an hour of yoga! I usually can't stand yoga (sorry) but I found a video on the exercise on demand channel that moved at a nice pace and I know my booty is gonna be sore tomorrow. 

As far as eats I totally flaked on taking many pictures. Dinner was an old standby of greek salad but otherwise I only have a picture of my lunch and snacks tomorrow...
Snacks will be a baby cucumber with garlic ranch dressing and some beef jerky. I already packed these for work so I don't "forget" them and buy chips instead. 

Lunch will be my first ever roasted squash! I roasted Kabocha with salt, pepper, olive oil and a little shake of cayenne pepper. It isn't my favorite squash ever but it is pretty tasty none the less and I can check another veggie off my list!
Before and after! I also do kinda love that you can eat the peel as well, it just makes it feel healthier for some reason!

Anyway this post is getting outrageously long so I am gonna save the rest of my pictures and happenings for later this week. I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday! 
What did you do for New Years Eve?
Did you watch the Rose Parade on New Years Day? (I did but it seemed so long!)