Contrary to what most of us want to believe working out is more than just putting in 30 minutes on the elliptical every other day.  Through the gym I attend by home I am fortunate enough to have access to trainers for when I have questions or want to get my butt (forcibly) kicked into shape.  One of the trainers has been telling me about the fitness application from Nike called Nike Training Club and while I typically shy away from doing any sort of strength work on my own (doing 3 sets of squats without anyone making me? nah) I decided to give it a try.  For my first time my trainer Esther went through it with me and we started with the beginner level.  I should have known I was in for a tough time when the trainer says she did this same workout two days ago and was still sore from it!  The workout switches from one exercise to another every 30-60 seconds and thus gives you no time to get bored or think about how much your legs and arms hurt and after it was over I was literally dripping with sweat.  I am already feeling sore but I have yet to achieve my goal of strength training ALONE so tomorrow I plan to download the app and put it to the test.  

Have you ever used a fitness app? Did it work for you?