So since getting back from vacation I have been trying to get back in the habit of feeding my body QUALITY instead of whatever I may be craving that second.  In doing this I have also been trying not to spend all my precious paychecks. I was heading to the gym today and of course dragging from a long previous day at school and totally spaced on eating breakfast. I knew the trainer was going to kick my butt so I stopped into Walgreen's to see what they may have.  Did I mention I didn't have my wallet? Yeah, no wallet means I had the change from my cup holder ($2) with which to find a suitable breakfast that both tasted good and gave me some energy with which to survive my hour long workout.  Guess how surprised I was to find I could afford not just one, but TWO healthy snacks with my limited funds??

My finds:
For 99 cents each I got granola bites for before my workout and nice and salty pumpkin seeds for a evening snack at work!  Walgreen's has had their own brand for a few years but in August of 2011 launched their Nice! brand which features over 400 inexpensive snack and meal options for customers to choose from. I have seen their stuff before but the Granola Bites really made me take a closer look (and almost be late for my appointment!).  

Flax is super healthy and contains fiber as well as Omega-3 fatty acids (the kind of fats you are supposed to have).  Oatmeal is a whole grain that is packed with even more fiber (thus helping to keep you fuller for longer) and raisins are just plain tasty. 

This was such an unexpected and great find and not only kept me powering through my workout but helped to open my eyes to the unexpected places that cheap and healthy treats might be hiding.

Where have you found healthy food unexpectedly?  How much would you pay for a healthy snack?
Now I didn't procrastinate on this post because of the post itself but because I really couldn't bring myself to start the workout on my own.  I know I mentioned my distaste for solo toning workouts so this isn't much of a surprise.  But alas I finally did it and completed my first NTC workout on my own and without any major failures.  I chose a 20 minute toning workout and set it at beginner level (never want to push myself to hard right?....sarcasm).  

The verdict????


No, really it was great.  I was doing lunges and I was doing crunches and the best part? I wasn't getting bored!  I love how you never really know what is coming next (I wonder whether it would get boring if I was doing it consistently and learning its routines though...) and you only had to do a move or one set and then it was onto the next.  My attention span rivals that of a 4 year old and this kept me working hard and tuned into my workout. I knew I coulda done a longer workout but I was so excited and accomplished feeling that I just reveled in the feeling once I was done.

Overall I must recommend this to anyone who can get their hand (err phones?) on it.  I have already done it again and can't wait to try the other workouts they have.

Happy toning!

Have you ever used a fitness app for your phone?  Did it help?
Recently I have noticed that quite a few of my friends and people I have met through work and school have gotten jobs with the "nutrition" company Herbalife. The company sells hundreds of different "health" and weight management supplements and pills all with the promise that they will allow you to achieve optimum health and wellness.  The problem I have with them is not the products themselves, weight loss products and meal replacement shakes are nothing new and if someone chooses to buy them then that is their own choice.  The problem I have with the company is its employees called "Health and Wellness Coaches."  Upon hearing the title you may believe that this is a legit position complete with a required degree or at the very least some basic training and knowledge on how to live a healthy and balanced life, but alas you would be wrong.  I already figured it was a questionable position but once a friend of mine (who drinks, eats fast food on the regular and lacks any sort of committed relationship with working out) obtained this job I began to get a bit angry.  I started researching the position more and reading people's stories about their experiences working for/with Herbalife (this guy's was great) and got even more angry. I have no problem at all with people selling products or services on an independent basis, even companies like Avon and Mary Kay don't bother me so why am I so frustrated with the Herbalife model? Because other companies say that their employees are sales representatives!  They are upfront with what they are doing and with who their employees are.  The women down the street selling Avon doesn't call herself a make up artist just because she sells mascara so why does Herbalife feel the need to call it's employees "Health and Wellness Coaches" when they aren't? Do they think they wouldn't be able to sell the products without the lie? Are they attempting to give themselves credibility? Gain customer trust (no better way to gain trust and faith in a company than to lie to people)? It just makes no sense to me.

Moving on from the fact that they lie and sell disgusting powdered shakes there is the fact that they are perpetuating the idea that weight loss can come easily and quickly.  By drinking their shakes and taking any of their numerous pill and tea supplements you will achieve the body of your dreams! And maybe even live to tell about it! The shakes also state that they contain 100 percent of the key nutrients a person needs, which seems even harder to believe considering every body requires a different amount of nutrients, (depending on age, activity level, weight etc).  Basically Herbalife is a scam as far as I am concerned and the people hawking powders and teas know about as much about health and a healthy diet as the characters on Sesame Street, (Elmo may actually may know more considering his show airs on PBS).  Speaking of children don't even get me started on the products Herbalife sells aimed at children....

Have you ever tried Herbalife? How was your experience?