We all know what countdown style diets are whether we want to admit it or not and most of us have implemented them on certain occasions.  Birthday coming up? Wedding? Bikini season? Yeah exactly.  When an event calls for photos or any sort of public appearance it is normal to feel that tinge of self consciousness and an all the sudden hyper awareness of each "flaw" on your body.  I have always had  fairly healthy self esteem but upon realizing I was one month away from both finishing college and my 23rd birthday the cookies all of the sudden didn't seem so appealing.

Are countdown diets really that bad though? I mean I know living healthy is a lifestyle and I know that it doesn't end once that date passes but does it matter what spurs the healthy change as long as it is indeed spurred? 

I began this post a few week ago and then never finished because I was still conflicted about whether I wanted to post it or not...I was worried this may come off as an unhealthy approach to eating healthy and working out.  After a few weeks though of trying to eat healthy I decided to finish it.  I didn't go on some crash diet and I know that I won't stop eating healthy and focusing on fitness once my birthday and graduation passes.  Realizing I was getting older and embarking upon a new chapter was a turning point for me, not a ticking clock.  I realized that I was living a fairly healthy life but not the kind I wanted to for the rest of my life, I knew I could do better and so I worked at it.

This may be a bit of a random post but the overall message is that whatever it takes for someone to decide to be healthier, whether it be a specific event or a realization it doesn't matter.  

Have you ever done a time frame diet? Did it work? Did you keep up with it after the end date passed?