Back to blogging! These last couple weeks have flown by and while I have taken pictures (with every intention of posting them) I never actually made it down to writing a post. Marvelous in My Monday is the perfect way to get back into the blogging routine!

Christmas was a whirlwind and it literally felt like I landed in Michigan and then flew back out the very next day. The flights were not cool with this nervous flier but we made it out before the storm hit last week (I hope everyone stayed safe!) and minus some wind a few big "pothole" feeling bumps I arrived home on Wednesday with almost all of my nerves intact. The same cannot be said for my health and body though. Does anyone else feel like they need a looooong detox after the holidays?? With all of the booze and sugar and carbs my body is really just craving veggies and fresh juices. 

Anyway here are some of the photos from the trip:
Well the first three pictures are pretty self explanatory. Trees, snow and more snow all definitely made appearances during my 5 day long stay in the mitten state. The 4th picture is a tradition (and also not my own photo). We always try to go to Hamtramck to get polish food whenever we are in town and this is the place we always go. Ohh it is carbicide and I love it. Potato noodles, schnitzel, pierogi, city chicken (my first time trying it!), and kielbasa. I am drooling just thinking about it. The last photo is what I blew almost half of my xmas bonus on. Rose gold and shiny I love it. 
Now that I am back I am so excited to have my meals look a little more like this and to have my workouts actually take place! Happy New Years and I hope everyone has a great week!
Anyone else needing a detox after the holidays?? 
What is the best thing you did/ate this weekend?
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Whoa. Next week is Christmas. In 6 days it is Christmas. Did it sneak up on anyone else??? 

Anyway imma let that wave of anxiety pass and move on to another What I Ate Wednesday! Head over to
Peas and Crayons to join in on the fun!
Breakfast was water and an unpictured handful of Cheez-Its and a cup of coffee (I am such a good role model). 

Lunch was god sent. I had totally flaked on packing a lunch and was going to suck it up and get Subway but lo and behold my building got a catered lunch for everyone! I bypassed the stuffing and pie and loaded up on salad and turkey (well and of course a roll, it was Ciabatta!). 

Snack was coffee with half a packet of no sugar added hot cocoa. 

The last picture was dinner last night but since I haven't had dinner yet today it still fits the idea of what I ate in a 24 hour period. I am a cheating loser, I know.
This is supposed to be a reindeer in case you had it confused with a tinsel explosion. $1.50 at this random Japanese store in my neighborhood! My desk will be a more merry until Christmas and knowing me it will be chilling there for months to come since I rarely take the things home I mean to (hello umbrella in my drawer since the first week, you just keep holding on buddy I'm coming for you). 

Well I should probably tend to this empty suitcase that has stared me down since I got home. Lord knows I won't do it tomorrow...I am off to Michigan on Friday (a.k.a the day the world ends) and I will try to take many lovely food and snow (gray sludge) pictures! 

Have a SAFE and wonderful holiday season everyone. Hug your loved ones tight :)
Ahhhhh! It is almost Christmas!! In 4 days I will be on a plane flying to Michigan and seeing some family that I haven't seen in what feels like forever! If you can't tell I cannot wait ;)

I kinda like the Monday recap/link-up that is Marvelous in my Monday so I am keeping it up (for now...we all know I am a flaky blogger). What has been marvelous lately?? well.....
We celebrated Christmas with my little family in Cali (mom, stepdad, stepbro and sis) today and I had been dropping such subtle hints (if leaving notes all over my mom's desk is subtle) about wanting a sweater dress/long shirt to wear with boots and guess what?? I got one! Haha I cannot wait to wear it to work tomorrow. I also got new work pants and sweaters that I needed so basically now I have more money to spend on this:
I REALLY want a watch. I have one but it was cheap and it rusting all over so I want to buy a "grown up" one. I have been saving my tips from job #2 and I have a Christmas bonus so I can more than afford it but I have never bought a piece of jewelry so expensive before! I keep staring at them online each night trying to make up my mind... I need a decision maker stat.

I am sure I will have more marvelous things as it gets closer to Christmas but for now I am rushing off to work! Have a great Monday everyone!

Has anyone bought an expensive piece of jewelry for themselves before? 
What is going on this Monday?

Well I didn't do too well following the theme this week...but I had fun eating and drinking my face off so I guess it's okay? Well doubt it but this week I am trying to eat clean to counteract all the indulgences. 

This Sunday we had a block party and somehow I ended up getting almost no pictures of the food or guests but all of the pictures of the themed beverages of the night....
There was also a boatload of wine at the party but these were more fun and seasonal I thought. Food was just about everything you could imagine and way too many sweets!

Today I was finally feeling a bit better (I can't party on work nights anymore I guess...) and back to eating healthy. For breakfast I had granola (you know what it looks like) and coffee.
I bought a little size of it cause I wasn't sure if I would like it and now have to go back to target to buy the big box. I also have to hide it in my desk cause people be stealing my dressing at work and I am not letting them steal my coffee as well. I am not bitter at all.
Lunch was a kale salad (whole foods had one with cabbage and carrots mixed in!) with roasted garlic dressing and chili (obviously unpictured). Our neighbor always makes chili for the block party and since we hosted we got all of the leftovers. Spicy chili is perfect for a comfort food lunch. 

I have no pictures of dinner since I haven't eaten it yet but it will most likely include this:
...and a great deal of chips. There is also some left over cheesy artichoke dip that I I can totally see myself finishing off. 

Hey Hey also check out my first MIMM! (Since you care so much and all). 
Happy 12/12/12 y'all! 
Are your neighbors big partiers? Mine can hang better than college kids I swear.
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I have been wanting to join another link-up lately and what day is better than Monday? Well Friday is a bit better...but not for linking up so Monday it is! For more details on Marvelous in my Monday head here

Oh hayyy new week means new attitude? Well no but I am hoping for a faster week than last weeks drag-a-thon. Let's get to some pictures okay? 
This is my new favorite outfit. It may not have a long life with that title since I just went shopping yesterday but it made my Thursday way better. The top is from Nordstrom Rack and I paired it with leggings and high heel black leather boots. Comfy and just a bit sexy, aka my ideal work outfit.
Now I understand that my name isn't the easiest to spell, I mean half my teachers couldn't even say it properly (Did they really think my parents hated me enough to name me Cat-lin??) so when the Starbucks man asked me how to spell it I just said it didn't matter. I didn't realize he would throw this option out there. wtf?
randoommmmm... I miss this though. I miss my random ass road trips to northern California for a range of shady reasons (mainly for/with guys) and the places I would stop (and/or force them to stop) along the way. The one part of my job (well main part..) that I hate is the lack of flexibility. I want a job that lets me travel and explore and sends me to different places. I swear if I wasn't such a freak about flying I would become a flight attendant in a heart beat. 

Usually my mom and I plan a trip every spring and this spring I realized that I won't have enough vacation time to go anywhere. It bummed me out to realize that my random and crazy spur of the moment trips are over and I most likely won't ever get them back. I know that life will give me many more fun times but it is disappointing to know that that chapter is behind me.....
Now I am off to work and dead tired from our annual block party last night. I will post more on that later, including all of the good eats that everyone brought. Have a good Monday!

I would LOVE to say "Oh it's Wednesday ALREADY?? This week is just flying by!" but I can't. This week is crawling and it is only Tuesday night. Oh well onto some eats....
I swear I had more that liquids and granola..there is just no photographic proof...ehhh it wasn't that pretty of a meal anyway. For lunch I had a plain kale salad and some hard boiled eggs (booorriinnggggg). I don't know what I was thinking packing that lunch last night. It was lame and didn't even taste all that great. I am drinking the Kombucha right now and planning out dinner. I ran 3 miles yesterday (yayyy me!!!) and today I am taking a break so my knee doesn't get too angry at me and quit the team. I loved being all tired and sweaty and it definitely put me in a good mood after a long day at work. 

I have also been attempting to break out of my fashion rut with these:

I rarely wear prints, let alone printed pants, but the muted colors (black and gray) helped me feel a bit more comfortable and it felt good to mix it up and not just wear the same 3 outfits to work. I have another new outfit planned for Thursday so the firm better watch out ;) 
I hope your week is going by faster than mine! 

Anyone else own printed pants? Do you like that they make you stand out more or no?
What are you eating this week?