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Happy Monday! I am writing this on Sunday and am sure I will NOT be having a happy Monday after celebrating St. Patty's day tonight...Oh well. I did have a fairly marvelous weekend up to this point though! 
After work on Saturday I took my lovely grandma (who is in town visiting) out for lunch. I know she likes beer so I took her to a local restaurant that has a brewery. Sadly they were out of many of the beers we wanted to try but she ended up liking hers anyway and I still got to try their "Special Bitter" which was tasty. Yummy salads too. 

Not so marvelous is my realization that I need to rest my knee and should cut down on the running. My knee had felt really good throughout much of my training for the half but this last week it has been aching like crazy. Any tips to help a girl out? For now I guess I will stick with low impact and strength workouts...ugh
Morning add on! Last night was fun and I am going to go die at work now...Happy Monday



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Isn't the new MIMM tag super cute?? I wish I was creative.... Anyway how was your weekend? Mine is not quite over yet because I have President's Day off!! Woohooo to not dreading a Monday for once.
As you can tell from the photo above my Friday nights are SUPER crazy. It was a bike day since I ran 6 miles the night before but I still managed to get a good mileage and calorie burn out of it. The bottom picture is just how empty the gym is on a Friday night...There was like 10 cars.
For Valentine's Day my mom got me super bright running socks...she knows me too well. I also have hot pink and neon orange so beware of the glow when I take off my shoes. She didn't get me candy because everyone knows I scour the stores on the day after and by enough to send a small country into a sugar coma....
Try this X3. Now time to practice some self control and not eat it all in a day. 
I am finally on the ACV train! I have only had it for 3 days now so I don't notice any difference but I hope it works the wonders that people say it does. 

Hope your Monday is marvelous as well!

Has taking Apple Cider Vinegar done anything for you?
Anyone else stocking up on clearance Valentine's Day candy?
Do you know why this Monday is extra freaking marvelous? Like the most marvelous of all the Mondays? Because I don't have work today!! It may seem a bit sad how much that excites me but oh well I love any day where I get paid to sleep in and chillax. 

This weekend wasn't too shabby either. Saturday was spent lounging around, reading, cooking and cleaning. I also enjoyed these:
Definitely not as good as the homemade thing but it satisfied a perpetual craving. I also baked them instead of pan frying so basically they were calorie free right? ;)

Another marvelous thing?
My January Bulu Box arrived! I haven't tried anything yet but it is fun to see what new stuff is out there and sample the goodies. I am seriously hoping the Dream Water is all it is cracked up to be because this girl has serious insomnia. 

The last marvelous thing is that I signed up for my first half marathon! I knew what date I was going to register for this whole week so I started "training" on Monday and while I am pretty sure my body can handle it (I haven't asked my knee yet but what does it know?) I know it will be a challenge mentally. I get bored REALLY easily and even though I love running and love the feeling I wonder how I will hold up to 13 miles. I ran a little over 5 miles on Thursday and time was dragging. Maybe running outdoors/with a buddy will help?

Today I am planning on shopping and then getting a beach run in with my friend who signed up for the half with me. I hope to get a solid 6 miles in since I only have until early March to prepare! 

 I really thought I had more pictures to share but I guess I just THOUGHT I was taking a lot this weekend...welp...guess I really am getting old an losing my mind. Anyway I do have a lot of questions for y'all!

Have you done a half marathon? Any advice?? How do you balance strength training with training for the race?n it? 
Anyone else get a Bulu Box? How do you like the stuff i

Back to blogging! These last couple weeks have flown by and while I have taken pictures (with every intention of posting them) I never actually made it down to writing a post. Marvelous in My Monday is the perfect way to get back into the blogging routine!

Christmas was a whirlwind and it literally felt like I landed in Michigan and then flew back out the very next day. The flights were not cool with this nervous flier but we made it out before the storm hit last week (I hope everyone stayed safe!) and minus some wind a few big "pothole" feeling bumps I arrived home on Wednesday with almost all of my nerves intact. The same cannot be said for my health and body though. Does anyone else feel like they need a looooong detox after the holidays?? With all of the booze and sugar and carbs my body is really just craving veggies and fresh juices. 

Anyway here are some of the photos from the trip:
Well the first three pictures are pretty self explanatory. Trees, snow and more snow all definitely made appearances during my 5 day long stay in the mitten state. The 4th picture is a tradition (and also not my own photo). We always try to go to Hamtramck to get polish food whenever we are in town and this is the place we always go. Ohh it is carbicide and I love it. Potato noodles, schnitzel, pierogi, city chicken (my first time trying it!), and kielbasa. I am drooling just thinking about it. The last photo is what I blew almost half of my xmas bonus on. Rose gold and shiny I love it. 
Now that I am back I am so excited to have my meals look a little more like this and to have my workouts actually take place! Happy New Years and I hope everyone has a great week!
Anyone else needing a detox after the holidays?? 
What is the best thing you did/ate this weekend?

I would LOVE to say "Oh it's Wednesday ALREADY?? This week is just flying by!" but I can't. This week is crawling and it is only Tuesday night. Oh well onto some eats....
I swear I had more that liquids and granola..there is just no photographic proof...ehhh it wasn't that pretty of a meal anyway. For lunch I had a plain kale salad and some hard boiled eggs (booorriinnggggg). I don't know what I was thinking packing that lunch last night. It was lame and didn't even taste all that great. I am drinking the Kombucha right now and planning out dinner. I ran 3 miles yesterday (yayyy me!!!) and today I am taking a break so my knee doesn't get too angry at me and quit the team. I loved being all tired and sweaty and it definitely put me in a good mood after a long day at work. 

I have also been attempting to break out of my fashion rut with these:

I rarely wear prints, let alone printed pants, but the muted colors (black and gray) helped me feel a bit more comfortable and it felt good to mix it up and not just wear the same 3 outfits to work. I have another new outfit planned for Thursday so the firm better watch out ;) 
I hope your week is going by faster than mine! 

Anyone else own printed pants? Do you like that they make you stand out more or no?
What are you eating this week?
This week has been just crazy. Between people being on vacation at work and people coming back from the holiday last week it seems like I am getting pulled in so many different directions. I do kinda like it though, I know, I'm crazy. Anyway onto my 4th favorite thing in the blog world - lists.
This long weekend had had some pretty cute outfits for this sweats and hoodies loving girl. Friday night was sushi and then wine and cheese with friends (and that sexxaayy outfit on the left) and Thursday was my Thanksgiving look. I love that infinity scarf my aunt knit me so much. I wore it to work twice this week already (and it would totally match my outfit tomorrow now that I am thinking about it...).

I love wearing different things and breaking out of my super bland comfort zone. My credit card company loves it too. Oops.


Holiday candy, cookies, coffee, clothes, trinkets, etc. I can spend hours in those 3 aisles of Target. I love the everything about holiday themed things and holiday time specials. Again, my credit card company loves it too.


I understand that I am super late to the avocado toast party. I put a little butter (i was craving it), garlic powder, and a bit of fresh avocado. YUM. Along with a turkey burger (sans bun) it was such a good dinner. 


Throw back Thursday with bad lighting! My hair now is almost down to the middle of my back when it is straightened (anyone else have to describe the length of their hair when curly and when straight?? It makes a difference!) I love the long but I loved the short as well! I haven't had hair this long in forever so I don't want to rush to chop it but ehh...look at how heathy it is! 

I also loved that shirt...a good worn in and ripped Army shirt that sadly I left somewhere I will never go back to. dammit.

Tomorrow is Friday!! Have a fun and safe one :)

What are you loving this Thursday?? 
Any inexpensive shopping recommendations?
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Thanks as always to Jenn from PeasandCrayons for hosting!

Hey hey hey...it felt so weird last week not posting for WIAW so of course I had to come back full charge.
I swear I love the company I work for (3 months in and already so naive) but they are seriously trying to make me fat. Granted they don't shove the bagels and muffins down my throat but who says no to a veteran's day breakfast?? (Side note: Thank you to all of our sexy men and women in uniform and retired for all you do!). Next photo is my lunch today - big 'ole bowl of kale with a chipotle black bean veggie burger and a mixture of sriracha and ranch for dressing. Picture number 3 is the epitome of love in a bag and number four is me continuing my over priced juice obsession. I love me some expensive beverages. 

For dinner I am having left over spaghetti my mom made. She will never get me to move out if she keeps stocking the fridge with leftovers and fresh produce ;)

This weekend consisted of a lot of work and me FINALLY making an appointment with a trainer again! Granted the appointment isn't until next weekend and it is after 4 months of no strength training except for plank and some squats but ya gotta start back up sometime! Any advice for me on how to not totally kill myself?? (my trainer knows I won't quit but hasn't quite figured out that I won't tell her when I am about to pass out).

Well that's all I have for now! Hope y'all have a lovely Wednesday!
 I wish I could say I was exhausted because I just had a really great run or I just challenged my mind so much this week or I just cured cancer or something legit but really I am just worn out for the sake of being worn out. I have been pushing so hard at work to do the most I can and be the best (I get it, I am a dirty competitive desk slave) that it is physically taking a toll on me. I have been hitting the gym after work but I usually can't manage more than some lackluster elliptical time or a interval treadmill walk (by walk I mean 3.5 at the max).

In turn, I feel even worse because I don't feel like I am doing all that I can do and therefore am not going to reach my goals. It is a dirty vicious cycle. I missed WIAW this week and a Thursday post because I hadn't taken a single picture all week.

By the time I get home from the gym or work I am a zombie laying in bed and watching netflix and eating until I pass out (such a cute image right?). If ya couldn't tell that little nightly routine doesn't boost the mood either. 

I have a new goal for this weekend and next week. My goal is to chill. My goal is to listen to my body and not beat myself up if I don't run one day or if I don't tackle 46743728 assignments at work. My goal is to trust that I am doing a good job all around and to understand that in order to do a good job I need to take care of myself.

I realize that I am a workaholic (hello I work a second job on the weekends for no reason at all except that I am crazy) but it won't serve me any good or pay off at all if I run myself into the ground. As much energy and effort as I put into life I need to also put into myself and into keeping myself up and running. I realize that this has been a struggle for me in the past and it will continue to be one but it never hurts to keep on trying.

I am SURE I have asked this before but how do you unwind??
Look-ey Look-ey at the new theme!!! If only Jenn knew that I basically pound Halloween candy like it's water and there is nothing "healthy" about the season for me...oh well I guess there is no time like the present to start growing up!

Another Wednesday and another week I have forgotten to take pictures throughout the day. Today I started off pretty solid with a breakfast photo:
(I didn't say it was exciting but it was breakfast so it counts). Chobani with Love Grown granola and the usual coffee.

So I had mung bean cakes for lunch. I have no idea what they are except that they are sold at the Korean grocery across the street from where I live and they are so good. I drench those puppies (I hope not!...sorry bad joke....) in Sriracha and I am good to go. I was going to take a picture but I was at work and the lunch room was oddly busy at 2pm. I was already eating semi-stinky food, I didn't want to then take a picture of it...

So instead I will show you something I am so proud of:
LOOK AT THAT FRIDGE!!! Veggies galore up in that .....female dog....

I am so excited to jam pack my lunches this week and weekend with every single bit of this (or as much as my mom will allow without getting mad that I stole all the broccoli again).

Finally, a little cute snack that I had today (so count 'em folks, thats 1 meal and 1 snack I have photos of, I am the C student of the WIAW world).
My mom's note with the plums I ate for snack today. 
How is everyone's week going?? How do you plan to implement the new theme?
Is this really my 5th already!?? WOW time sure flies! Thanks to Jenn for hosting and coming up with this great idea!

This week has been slllooowwww...but crazy at the same time. The weekend cannot come soon enough! Here are the eats:
Not the prettiest eat for sure but it's a kale and veggie chicken salad with tzatziki as the dressing. So.Freaking.Good. 
Snacky of carrots and more tzatziki...When I like something I kind of go on a bender...oops.
One of the many caffeinated loves of my life keeping me awake while I work.
I wanted to do a whole post just about these babies but held myself back. Corn Bread crackers though??! It's like the food gods heard by pleas and created this. I ate the whole box in 2 days and 2 sittings. So So good.
So we are missing dinner and to be honest I have no idea what it was. I think it was spaghetti but it could have been avocado pesto pasta. Either way it was delicious (as if I wouldn't eat it if it wasn't... ;))

Sorry this one feels a little lackluster...this week has put me in a funk so far...

How do you get outta a weird funk? Do you ever feel off and not know why?