Now I didn't procrastinate on this post because of the post itself but because I really couldn't bring myself to start the workout on my own.  I know I mentioned my distaste for solo toning workouts so this isn't much of a surprise.  But alas I finally did it and completed my first NTC workout on my own and without any major failures.  I chose a 20 minute toning workout and set it at beginner level (never want to push myself to hard right?....sarcasm).  

The verdict????


No, really it was great.  I was doing lunges and I was doing crunches and the best part? I wasn't getting bored!  I love how you never really know what is coming next (I wonder whether it would get boring if I was doing it consistently and learning its routines though...) and you only had to do a move or one set and then it was onto the next.  My attention span rivals that of a 4 year old and this kept me working hard and tuned into my workout. I knew I coulda done a longer workout but I was so excited and accomplished feeling that I just reveled in the feeling once I was done.

Overall I must recommend this to anyone who can get their hand (err phones?) on it.  I have already done it again and can't wait to try the other workouts they have.

Happy toning!

Have you ever used a fitness app for your phone?  Did it help?