Okay so since graduating and starting my grown up job I haven't really updated anything. To the maybe two people who read this I sincerely apologize. I really have just been so worn out from trying to apply to jobs, interview for jobs, and then now actually working that job that blogging, working out, and living any sort of well balanced life has totally fell by the wayside. It really hit me how bad I am doing at taking care of myself when I woke up this week and realized I was sick. Now I know that's an annoying statement because people get sick everyday and it doesn't mean they aren't taking care of themselves or that they somehow brought it upon themselves but in my case I really know it's true. I haven't been sick in YEARS. I can't recall the last time I was sick and I think it has a lot to do with how I was balancing everything and really taking time to listen to my body. I was busier than I am now (helllloo full time classes, LA commute and 3 jobs??) but I still found time for me, even if that meant (severely) pulling back on the social life. This summer I really have been burning the candle at both ends it seems and it has caught up with me.


I am pledging to do a better job taking care of myself and this blog will hold me accountable. Blogging and writing is something I enjoy and something that I do for me, it's my happy place. I am not saying that all of my new posts will be super informative of earth shattering but hopefully they will be entertaining and hopefully they will help me unwind. In yet another effort to stay motivated and accountable I will try to join up with the blogging party going on over at Peas and Crayons known as What I Ate Wednesday.

I really can't wait to be a part of more blogging/healthy living community activities such as this one and I really think it'll help keep me in line. Oh well now I have taken up about 15 minutes of your day that your never getting back - don't hate me too much :) As for me I am off to Dayquil it up and then head to job number 2. Ha
9/16/2012 04:02:23 pm

Soooo nice,I almost impress by this article,i want to say only one thing that keep it up guys.....


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