In case you cannot tell I am BEYOND excited it is Friday. These weeks have been dragging for sure. I am pretty sure it has to do with work being so slow for me..the attorney's and everyone else keeps saying how busy they are and all I can't think is "give me something! I'll file that paperwork!" I am a desperate soul when I am bored. Anyway Onto the greats of the week:
Take it from the top! A.) Booze. Last weekend I went to see Perks of Being a Wallflower (finally!) and we stopped for some drinks and appetizers beforehand. Perfect way to spend a Friday night. B.) Coming home to a homemade Greek salad is a huge perk to still living at home. It did have HUGE olives in it, which are not my thing (I can eat 'em chopped but whole like that is just too much) but it was still so good. C.) Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have been rocking this pin on my wallet since this Summer and it just reminds me how fortunate my family is and how fun it was to get involved and help. D.) Casual Friday. Cuffed jeans and new Toms while lounging on my lunch break. 

As far as this was supposed to be pretty low key. I work tomorrow at my other job and then Sunday would be a catchup day and gym. Today my Stepdad found out he could get tickets for "Book of Mormon" though, which I have been wanting to see since it came to LA and haven't been able to because it has either been sold out or crappy over priced tickets. So tomorrow (before work) my mom and I are going and we got seats within the first 15 rows! Woohooo! I am sad that I have to rush right from that to a crappy closing shift (why am I keeping this job again?? Oh right I'm a masochist) but it's fun all the same. 
Another great part of this week has been my workouts. I have gotten in 3 3-mile runs this week which is amazing for me. My legs are aching but I am taking the weekend off of running so I hope that helps them recover. It can't hurt 'em right?
Well that's my week / weekend. What are your plans? Anyone seen "The Book of Mormon"?

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