..but since today is almost over I guess i'll take it ;) Here are the things I am loving this Thursday!
New nail polishes / The Book of Mormon over the weekend (so much raunchier than I thought! but funny) / Another excuse for a dog picture / My hair is getting so long! I love that I finally blow dried it for work (for once I looked like a human) and I am kinda digging the length.
Now let's move onto some things I am not digging this Thursday...starting and ending with my knee. I have been doing so well with keeping up my running and pushing myself (but also resting and I even stretched once!) and now my knee has just reached the point where it is over it. I know I could run through the pain but I shouldn't. I know what the doctor will tell me (rest and do knee strengthening shiiett)..so I guess it's time for a little more bike and little less pounding (hahah). Oh well...I don't like doing long and whiny posts (even though I do enjoy reading some peoples..they are better writers than me I suppose).

Fun fact of the day: The picture of my dog? Ya' know the one right above where she looks so adorable and cute and innocent? Yeah this was right after she pooped on the floor (she gets "scared" to go outside at night/when it's cold/windy/the turkey next door makes noises/around dinner time/.....) and mommy stepped in it while trying to rush out the door to work. The job that mommy has to go through to buy her food and that cute little bed she loves so much. She slept through the whole show. She is lucky she is cute or she would be in a world of hurt.

What are y'all loving this fine Thursday??
10/26/2012 02:24:45 am

I'm loving your hair! Gorgeous!!

And I'm sorry about your knee :( that stinks!


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