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Happy Monday! Actually it is still Sunday (hence the reason I am in a decent mood) but I know tomorrow morning I will not want to get up early to caffeinate and post an entry so handling it now is the only way!

Like any other weekend this one just flew by...
I had cocktails and saw Django Unchained on Saturday and woooww was it was more gruesome than I would have anticipated. That being said it was also really funny and entertaining. 
Marvelous is also my new Nike workout capris! I love feeling a little more dressed up at the gym (as opposed to sloppy shorts and a XL running shirt). It made my quick run feel a lot better. I don't know how or why but I choose not to question it.
I watched the whole first season of Girls on a matter of two nights. Two work nights. I may have a serious addiction. 
I finally saw the season 2 finale for Downton Abbey! Don't spoil season 3 openers for me since I won't be able to watch it for a few more weeks but the ending for season 2 was cute. Warmed my black little heart. 

Well that is all that is marvelous thus far. I am hoping Monday will bring even more!
What did you do this weekend?
1/14/2013 05:10:10 am

I need to watch Girl! I am actually thinking of starting it tomorrow, since I have a lazy afternoon planned!

Happy week to you!


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