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I have been wanting to join another link-up lately and what day is better than Monday? Well Friday is a bit better...but not for linking up so Monday it is! For more details on Marvelous in my Monday head here

Oh hayyy new week means new attitude? Well no but I am hoping for a faster week than last weeks drag-a-thon. Let's get to some pictures okay? 
This is my new favorite outfit. It may not have a long life with that title since I just went shopping yesterday but it made my Thursday way better. The top is from Nordstrom Rack and I paired it with leggings and high heel black leather boots. Comfy and just a bit sexy, aka my ideal work outfit.
Now I understand that my name isn't the easiest to spell, I mean half my teachers couldn't even say it properly (Did they really think my parents hated me enough to name me Cat-lin??) so when the Starbucks man asked me how to spell it I just said it didn't matter. I didn't realize he would throw this option out there. wtf?
randoommmmm... I miss this though. I miss my random ass road trips to northern California for a range of shady reasons (mainly for/with guys) and the places I would stop (and/or force them to stop) along the way. The one part of my job (well main part..) that I hate is the lack of flexibility. I want a job that lets me travel and explore and sends me to different places. I swear if I wasn't such a freak about flying I would become a flight attendant in a heart beat. 

Usually my mom and I plan a trip every spring and this spring I realized that I won't have enough vacation time to go anywhere. It bummed me out to realize that my random and crazy spur of the moment trips are over and I most likely won't ever get them back. I know that life will give me many more fun times but it is disappointing to know that that chapter is behind me.....
Now I am off to work and dead tired from our annual block party last night. I will post more on that later, including all of the good eats that everyone brought. Have a good Monday!
12/10/2012 05:00:44 am

So happy you joined in!

I live in leggings in the winter! Cute outfit!

Have a great week!


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