Back to blogging! These last couple weeks have flown by and while I have taken pictures (with every intention of posting them) I never actually made it down to writing a post. Marvelous in My Monday is the perfect way to get back into the blogging routine!

Christmas was a whirlwind and it literally felt like I landed in Michigan and then flew back out the very next day. The flights were not cool with this nervous flier but we made it out before the storm hit last week (I hope everyone stayed safe!) and minus some wind a few big "pothole" feeling bumps I arrived home on Wednesday with almost all of my nerves intact. The same cannot be said for my health and body though. Does anyone else feel like they need a looooong detox after the holidays?? With all of the booze and sugar and carbs my body is really just craving veggies and fresh juices. 

Anyway here are some of the photos from the trip:
Well the first three pictures are pretty self explanatory. Trees, snow and more snow all definitely made appearances during my 5 day long stay in the mitten state. The 4th picture is a tradition (and also not my own photo). We always try to go to Hamtramck to get polish food whenever we are in town and this is the place we always go. Ohh it is carbicide and I love it. Potato noodles, schnitzel, pierogi, city chicken (my first time trying it!), and kielbasa. I am drooling just thinking about it. The last photo is what I blew almost half of my xmas bonus on. Rose gold and shiny I love it. 
Now that I am back I am so excited to have my meals look a little more like this and to have my workouts actually take place! Happy New Years and I hope everyone has a great week!
Anyone else needing a detox after the holidays?? 
What is the best thing you did/ate this weekend?

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