Do you know why this Monday is extra freaking marvelous? Like the most marvelous of all the Mondays? Because I don't have work today!! It may seem a bit sad how much that excites me but oh well I love any day where I get paid to sleep in and chillax. 

This weekend wasn't too shabby either. Saturday was spent lounging around, reading, cooking and cleaning. I also enjoyed these:
Definitely not as good as the homemade thing but it satisfied a perpetual craving. I also baked them instead of pan frying so basically they were calorie free right? ;)

Another marvelous thing?
My January Bulu Box arrived! I haven't tried anything yet but it is fun to see what new stuff is out there and sample the goodies. I am seriously hoping the Dream Water is all it is cracked up to be because this girl has serious insomnia. 

The last marvelous thing is that I signed up for my first half marathon! I knew what date I was going to register for this whole week so I started "training" on Monday and while I am pretty sure my body can handle it (I haven't asked my knee yet but what does it know?) I know it will be a challenge mentally. I get bored REALLY easily and even though I love running and love the feeling I wonder how I will hold up to 13 miles. I ran a little over 5 miles on Thursday and time was dragging. Maybe running outdoors/with a buddy will help?

Today I am planning on shopping and then getting a beach run in with my friend who signed up for the half with me. I hope to get a solid 6 miles in since I only have until early March to prepare! 

 I really thought I had more pictures to share but I guess I just THOUGHT I was taking a lot this weekend...welp...guess I really am getting old an losing my mind. Anyway I do have a lot of questions for y'all!

Have you done a half marathon? Any advice?? How do you balance strength training with training for the race?n it? 
Anyone else get a Bulu Box? How do you like the stuff i
1/21/2013 03:35:37 pm

Way to go on signing up for your first half. Good luck w/ your training girl <3

1/22/2013 12:42:29 am

Hope you enjoyed your day off! I have gotten a bulubox before, a fun box to get!

Happy week girl!


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