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Happy Monday lovelies! Let's recap some marvelous things lately shall we? As always thanks to Katie for her Monday link-up!
I am still on a runner's high from my marvelous run last Thursday. I wore my new workout pants (that I got on sale AND were hot/neon pink) and ran my longest run yet! 8 miles on the treadmill was extremely boring but it felt so good to complete the challenge I put out for myself. I strangely wasn't sore at all the next day (besides my feet slightly aching when I shoved them in heels) which was even more marvelous because it reinforces the idea that my body can totally kick this half marathons butt. 
I also tried my first Chai Tea Latte last week! I have had chai from the Keurig but only once and while I liked it I wasn't itching to have it again. This one was so good though. Creamy and sweet and..ugh I want one right now. 
Valentine's Day candy is out. No explanation needed as to why this is so marvelous. 

Something not so marvelous? 
I stopped while on my way to my serving job today and wanted to grab something to tide me over for the shift (I didn't want to be tempted by all the pizza deliciousness). There was no Naked Juice so I figured I would try this. Eww. Maybe I just chose the wrong flavor but it tasted very artificial and strange. I still drank it because I had nothing else but never again. 
Well that's all I got. 

How is everyone else's Monday going?

Any big plans this week? 
1/28/2013 02:37:06 am

Thank YOU for joining in girl!!

Oh those glam hearts are too cute! I will have to look for those!!

Happy week to you! <3


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