Hello! I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend and isn't suffering from the Monday blues too badly. Let's talk about some marvelous (or not so marvelous...) things shall we? As usual thank to Katie for hosting the link-up!

I am a week into my 30 day Whole 30 hell! Technically at the time of writing this post I am not a week in yet since it is currently Sunday but by the time you read this I will be 7 days sober of sugar, grains, dairy and basically anything else that one might crave. Here is a peak at some meals/snacks....
Lots of veggies, chicken, tuna, hardboiled eggs, peanuts-only peanut butter (no yummy sugar or honey added) and fruit have been eaten over the past 7 days. I never realized how much I rely on easy/unhealthy snacks until I was no longer able to eat them! I REALLY miss hot sauce too. Damn added sugar... 

On the marvelous side though it has gotten easier and I have noticed that I just plain feel better. I feel more strong and less of the carb bloat. So far so good!
My run on Thursday was not marvelous at all but completing it was one of the best feelings ever (once I picked myself up off the floor). I knew I only had one long run left before my half (next Saturday btw!!) and wanted to get between 10 and 11 miles. The longest I ran before that was only 9. I hit about every mental wall I thought was possible and was super close to quitting at about 10 1/2 but I knew I could finish one half of a mile so I pushed through. The time doesn't seem to shabby either :)
Marvelous will be the margarita I will be enjoying this evening because my extra-marvelous grandma is in town!! I know what you are thinking "Wtf Caitlin didn't you JUST post about how you are giving up all that ish and blah blah blah?!" I know. I am a low down dirty cheater today but hear me out! Homegirl needs a cocktail. All week (before the good feelings of eating healthy came into play) I was feeling the cut backs BADLY. I will not looking forward to any meal and was basically pushing myself through every workout with what felt like no energy or drive. Thinking about one little cheat on Sunday is what made saying 'no' to breaking my challenge everyday a possibility. This margarita is for every cracker, hershey kiss, splenda, and Sriracha sampling that I said no to. I applaud those that can do this challenge and not cheat at all, you really are my hero, but if I am going to do it I know I need to have at least one tiny thing to look forward to at the end of the week. Okay, my spiel is done.
This is kinda marvelous but it is more so just random. Isn't this just Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Whatever I still want it. 

Okay I am off to go distract myself until dinner by enjoying my book that came in the mail. Happy Monday all!
What is your "cheat" meal/treat?
Anything marvelous you have going on this Monday?
3/4/2013 08:19:01 am

I wanted that cereal too! I might have to get it! I hope you do as well, it has to be good!

Glad you are feeling better with the new diet too!

3/4/2013 07:46:03 pm

Holy Yum! That cereal sounds amazing. I have always wondered why Taco Bell stopped selling churros.


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