So it was one of those weeks. One of those weeks where you felt like you completed SO MUCH WORK and yet there is still SO much to do. I literally stayed late at work everyday and then somehow managed to drag myself to the gym 3 of those days. So basically I was worn out (and kinda proud that I survived with only minimal casualties)  and decided I was going to treat myself. Now I don't treat myself to manicures or facials or long bubble baths or any of that (normal) stuff. No. My brain literally said this:

"I'm tired grr grr this traffic is shitty grr grr I'm gonna go spend a lot of money on healthy shit at Whole Foods."

Cause poverty is the road to happiness correct?

Anyway after circling the hot food bar at least 20 times the beverage display caught my eye and voila! The drink I have seen so much all over the healthy living blogosphere! 
So that was exciting. 
I quickly snapped up almost every flavor and after paying what felt like a small down payment on a home I was free to taste test. So far I have had the cranberry and the Trilogy and Trilogy wins. It's tart and interesting and comes in a glass bottle (yeah I'm also a sucker for packaging). The only thing I don't like is the funky smell but oh well I just won't smell it. 
Ok so there is my exciting find of the day...even though I know I am so late to the party.
What is a good brand/flavor of Kombucha? Anyone had any weird side effects?

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