Well I can't say I am particularly happy that it is Monday and the weekend is over (is anyone ever?). I was sick all weekend and mainly spent it lying in bed or around the house eating and watching tv. I do big things. 
I was fairly depressed that I could no run all weekend (with only two weeks to go until my half too!) so I drowned out my sorrows with junk food. In case you were wondering, no, it did not help. 

I did follow my motto of "when you can't feel good at least you can try to look good" though when I did leave the house on Saturday:
I am not domesticated enough to make my bed apparently. But green skinny jeans and a black lace tank at least made me feel like I didn't look quite as crappy as I felt. 

On a not-so-marvelous note I totally locked my keys in my car (at a ghetto gas station by LAX) on my way to work. I have been driving since I was 15 and have NEVER locked my keys in my car before. I have been through 3 cars and none of them have ever been so lucky as to hold my car keys from me without my consent until Friday. Ugh and you know what made me the most mad? Not that it took 2 hours for them to get into it or that I was obscenely late for work. No. It was that my brand new Kombucha was sitting in there cooking the whole time. 
Warm kombucha is not the best kombucha. Also I do not recommend bringing the Classic ones to work if you want to avoid confusing people and having them think you are drinking on the job. Even though after my morning I don't think my coworkers would have blamed me if I had.....

I hope you all had a MUCH better weekend than I did! I am off to drool at all of the Oscar fashion and then catch up on Downton Abbey. In other news I am a 60 year old woman trapped in a 23 year olds body.
FINALLY I got my act together to link up on a Thursday! Three posts in one week? I am definitely on a roll. Thanks Jessie for giving me a really great reason to slow it down and have a thoughtful post this evening!

Since this is my first week linking up I am going to go through some fairly basic things I am thankful for but it is good to give them credit nonetheless. 
I am SO thankful for my body and my health. I know I give it a hard time and get mad at it sometimes because it doesn't do everything I want it to but I really am so lucky. The fact that I can wakeup everyday and live the life I choose is pretty darn great. 

Don't mind the crazy old picture...I was trying to be...sober? Anyway I am super thankful for my friends and family. I know that if I ever need advice, consolation, a distraction or a laugh I have the best group to go to.

I am thankful for my work ethic. I was raised to work hard and as an adult I love nothing more than to be crazy busy and pulled in different directions. I may not always love my job or my overpacked schedule but I do love working hard and it is never more clear than when someone gives me a few too many days off.

My bed. Okay this is silly compared to the other ones but this picture totally sums up how I feel every morning before I have to get up. Doesn't your bed just get SUPER comfy and fluffy RIGHT before you have to leave it? Ugh. I shouldn't complain because I live in California and it is supposedly "warm" here but y'all have heating on the east coast...my house has no heat and no insulation. My bed gets me and protects me from the California cold. 

What are you Thankful for?

Anyone else super happy it is almost Friday??

23 weeks for a 23 year old! Thanks to Jenn for another Wednesday of linking up :)

Today I was just off. I had a horrible stomach ache after my run yesterday and didn't sleep very well last night. I had every intention of being healthy and back on the green grind today but lack of sleep + still a touchy stomach meant I was going to eat whatever I wanted. 
Breakfast was an everything bagel smothered in cream cheese. This is an old picture so it only looks like I ate half a bagel but when have I ever only eaten HALF a bagel? I don't play those games.

Lunch was supposed to be yogurt and cheerios since I found these finally at Fresh and Easy:
Then work had to grow throw a wrench in at and buy us all lunch. Who do they think they are? Anyway by the time I found y way to the lunch room the sandwiches were a bit soggy..eww. I grabbed one anyway and realized it had a pretty nice chicken breast in it, no lunch meat here. I ended up cutting up the chicken breast and then finishing that well balanced meal with some of the best cookies I have ever had:
I don't know why the powdered sugar or the raspberries decorating the plate because they were just chocolate chip but yumm....I think they had a mix of milk and dark chocolate chips which is just brilliant.

Just like every other time I am writing this post I have yet to have dinner yet...I usually wait to eat until I have gotten all my other tasks complete and writing up this post is one of my "tasks". Plus the kitchen is a mess and if I go in there I will have to clean it...avoidance is best in this case. 

Anyone else like to wait until everything is all done before sitting down to a meal? Most likely it's just me....
Which Chobani Bite is best? I haven't even tried the one I bought yet and am already itchi



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Isn't the new MIMM tag super cute?? I wish I was creative.... Anyway how was your weekend? Mine is not quite over yet because I have President's Day off!! Woohooo to not dreading a Monday for once.
As you can tell from the photo above my Friday nights are SUPER crazy. It was a bike day since I ran 6 miles the night before but I still managed to get a good mileage and calorie burn out of it. The bottom picture is just how empty the gym is on a Friday night...There was like 10 cars.
For Valentine's Day my mom got me super bright running socks...she knows me too well. I also have hot pink and neon orange so beware of the glow when I take off my shoes. She didn't get me candy because everyone knows I scour the stores on the day after and by enough to send a small country into a sugar coma....
Try this X3. Now time to practice some self control and not eat it all in a day. 
I am finally on the ACV train! I have only had it for 3 days now so I don't notice any difference but I hope it works the wonders that people say it does. 

Hope your Monday is marvelous as well!

Has taking Apple Cider Vinegar done anything for you?
Anyone else stocking up on clearance Valentine's Day candy?

Another hump day means another What I Ate Wednesday! Let's begin shall we?
Like usual I suck at taking consistent pictures of my meals. That being said I really did make an effort today y'all. Pineapple was breakfast and it was sadly very very tart. I only ate about half of what is in the picture and ditched the rest. Snack was goldfish and green tea. I still don't like tea but I am trying to condition myself by pairing it with something I do like, and who doesn't like the snack that smiles back?
I packed a healthy mix of veggies with a small scoop of spicy chili on top but when The Grilled Cheese truck is next door you just can't say no. I tried to be (semi) balanced though and got a turkey and cheese sandwich and somehow turned down the homemade BBQ and pickle chips (never had 'em but they sound just weird enough to be amazing). I guess my body wanted to teach me a lesson because by the time I was heading to the gym I had ZERO energy. I usually don't eat right before I workout because I feel better doing cardio on an empty stomach but I needed a little pick me up before I did the bike for an hour. Enter Toblerone....
I was only going to eat one triangle but we all know that didn't happen. Cue me scarfing down half of it in the gym parking lot. There may have been staring. It is times like these when I wish gy I did my longest plank yet though so I guess it did its job!

I have no idea what dinner will be but I think I have ingredients for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so that may be it. On second thought I should really get some veggies in today (since this months theme is loving your veggies...) so maybe a chicken salad instead. Either way it will be thrown together and not very photogenic so I am just gonna save you the time of viewing it and allow you to imagine something amazing and healthy instead. 
A few questions for ya:

Do you notice a difference when you eat a healthy lunch and when  you don't? I didn't realize one meal could have such an impact!

What are your favorite snacks to get you through the day?

Monday's come WAY too fast if you ask me but at least I have some marvelous things from the weekend to look back on! 

I didn't work my second job all weekend so I had time (and energy) to celebrate some of the many birthdays that seem to happen in February. Is it just me or does it seem like there are more birthday's this month than any other?!

Saturday morning I went to brunch to celebrate two of my good friend's birthdays. As you can tell I am the only blonde in the group! Misfits is a really cool restaurant and bar in Santa Monica that has a Sunday brunch complete with bottomless mimosas. I had another birthday celebration to head to (on the other side of town) so I had one drink and then hit the road.  I feel like I never see them enough and it was really great to be a part of their birthday celebration, if only for a couple of hours. 

I rushed from brunch to meet my other friend for her birthday celebration on the opposite end of Los Angeles (traffic.was.a.bitch.). She decided to celebrate by going to shooting range for the first time. I have never had any inkling to shoot a gun but it was her birthday and sometimes you gotta suck it up for the birthday girl. At  The Los Angeles Gun Club you can pair up on a lane and share the gun and ammo with your partner. I was paired up with Michelle (a coworker at my second job and such a sweet girl) and we were terrified. If it wasn't for the attendant helping us to load and forcing us to actually shoot the gun I am positive we would have never used even one bullet. He would not let us leave the room without shooting our ammo. At the time I think we were both close to tears from being so scared but he said we would regret it if we didn't just try and he was right I suppose. At least I never have to do it again! 

Lessons learned: Cait does not like loud booms nor things like shells flying back and hitting her. Also I guess you are not supposed to shut your eyes when you pull the trigger...whatever.


After losing ten years of my life at the gun club it was time for some revolving sushi and drinks. I LOVED the sushi place the birthday girl chose! I can never make up my mind when it comes to sushi and I get full so quickly from it that if I choose wrong I am out of luck. This place had different half rolls or even just a few pieces of sashimi being made in front of you and then placed on a conveyor belt for you to pick up as it passed by. All of the rolls I tried were amazing and it was a fun and different way to enjoy a meal.

Another marvelous thing that happened lately was my long run on Friday. I didn't wear my Polar because I am still healing from its rubbing last time but I completed 9 miles in about an hour and twenty minutes. I only have a little less than a month before the half so I am glad I am still keeping on a somewhat consistent training schedule!
I hope everyone else had a marvelous weekend!

What did you do this weekend?
What new things have you tried lately? Did you enjoy it?

Wooohoo my WIAW is now legal baby! It's good to have something to be excited about right? 
Obviously I'm into my liquids lately...Juice and Chai Tea Lattes are my favorite things to start my day with and the Starbucks by work even spells my name right now! I may be going there too often for my own good....Last night I had leftovers to work on including one lone hardboiled egg, hummus, guacamole and some cut veggies. I was lazy so I smushed the hard boiled egg into the hummus and guacamole, doused it in Sriracha and had a "leftover" beer on the side. Balance? 
I have a bit of a "wrist candy" issues...The picture above was what was worn to job #2..the serving job. I had to stop myself with only 3 bracelets. I may need "wrist accessories anonymous."
I am still loving my new toy. I accidentally reset it halfway through my workout so I actually ran double this! The hills were killer but burned in such a good way ;)

I am beyond worn out and today (I am writing this on Tuesday night) and the day has not been a kind one. I am about to whip up some easy dinner and pass out to Parks and Rec. I hope your Tuesday (and Wednesday) are better than mine were/about to be! 
Anyone else bracelet and watch obsessed?
About the Polar  - Does the band bother anyone? I thought it 

I am beyond happy that it is almost Wednesday (I am writing this on Tuesday night so by the time you read it it will actually be Wednesday! Lucky you!). I felt really good and energized today until my run and now I am just worn out. I guess that is a good thing though? 

I decided against a photo of breakfast since it wasn't a good one at all. Coffee with sugar free hot chocolate and some Pringles. Midmorning snack was raw almonds. I need to shape up when it comes to meals before 1 p.m.
Every Tuesday there are food trucks that meet up by my work. Usually I wouldn't head over there (while I love different food I also love to pack my own healthy boring lunches) but a coworker likes to go and you don't need to ask me twice. I  can't find the name of the truck we went to but it had Vietnamese and Chinese food (win!). I wanted the Fried Rice Wrap (I love carbs) but it was already past 1:30 p.m. and they were out of some of the more popular items. This was a bed of lettuce with a lemon grass dressing and cold noodles with chicken and peanuts on top. I would have loved a warmer meal (fried rice wrap) but the flavors were really good and interesting!
This is how I control my chocolate intake. If this was milk chocolate I would have inhaled the bag in half a day but dark chocolate slows me down. Took me two days! Progress....
Dinner is triple this portion size worth of sweet potato wedges and a turkey burger with spicy mustard. I cannot get enough of spicy ground mustard. 

Like I mentioned earlier today I ran 5 1/2 miles and it was my first run since my 8 mile run last week. I am still trying to figure out how best to train for a half while not pushing myself too hard (and blowing out my knees before the race). I guess its better to undertrain for now and up it later than burn myself out too soon...I hope. 

What's going on for you this Wednesday?
What do you eat for breakfast? I need savory options! 



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Happy Monday lovelies! Let's recap some marvelous things lately shall we? As always thanks to Katie for her Monday link-up!
I am still on a runner's high from my marvelous run last Thursday. I wore my new workout pants (that I got on sale AND were hot/neon pink) and ran my longest run yet! 8 miles on the treadmill was extremely boring but it felt so good to complete the challenge I put out for myself. I strangely wasn't sore at all the next day (besides my feet slightly aching when I shoved them in heels) which was even more marvelous because it reinforces the idea that my body can totally kick this half marathons butt. 
I also tried my first Chai Tea Latte last week! I have had chai from the Keurig but only once and while I liked it I wasn't itching to have it again. This one was so good though. Creamy and sweet and..ugh I want one right now. 
Valentine's Day candy is out. No explanation needed as to why this is so marvelous. 

Something not so marvelous? 
I stopped while on my way to my serving job today and wanted to grab something to tide me over for the shift (I didn't want to be tempted by all the pizza deliciousness). There was no Naked Juice so I figured I would try this. Eww. Maybe I just chose the wrong flavor but it tasted very artificial and strange. I still drank it because I had nothing else but never again. 
Well that's all I got. 

How is everyone else's Monday going?

Any big plans this week? 

I don't know what happened last week but I got my act together today and while I don't have a full days worth of eats I do have more pictures than usual of my eats lately! 

First up lets look at my snacks these past few days: 
Like how the dog totally photo bombed my first pic? That girl is like a moth to a light when she sees the fridge open...Moving on before I get too distracted chatting about her..Has anyone tried the Garlic spread in the first picture?? I found it at Whole Foods when I was looking for a non-hummus spread (my sister doesn't like hummus, I don't know who she thinks she is). It is a rosemary and thyme flavor and is so good. Horrible garlic breath is guaranteed but worth it. The others aren't as exciting...baby tomatoes, hardboiled eggs and almond milk. Random and yummy snacks for when I'm hungry (or just bored)!

Lunch for today was another random meal. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking the night before when I open my lunch the next day...
After I saw the banana Chobani on Katie's blog I made it a point to look for it while grocery shopping. I wish it was more banana-y but it was a healthy lunch none the less... It also reinforced my love for a savory midday meal. I don't seem to find it a meal unless it has veggies and salty protein...odd I am. 
Yesterday was my first "real" training run for my half marathon in March! I met up with my friend who is running it with me and we did a long run at the beach. We ended up doing an hour and twenty minutes and while we both knew we could have done longer (we weren't sprinting it or anything) we were getting close to that mental wall. The run just reinforced my idea that my body will have no issue with the race but my mind and mental focus will need the most training. I am still super excited though :)

Okay well I don't want to get too wordy and bore y'all to sleep so I will wrap this up. I hope everyone's Wednesday is going great!

Any tips on "mentally" training for a half?
What new foods have you been snacking on?