NOTE: This was supposed to be posted yesterday but in my excitement I kind of...forgot to hit publish live. Oh well, it's FRIDAY!!!! Happy weekend all!
I am sure someone somewhere has created a link up for this but I am too wired to figure it out. Anywhoo I am in a delusionally (my own word? I apparently am all about creating stuff today) excited mood so here we goo:

1.) Kale...Oh let me count the ways...
I haven't had it all week and finally bought more and I am in love all over again. I could put that stuff with anything and grub on it all night.

2.) Coffee at work. It might not be strong (it is medium roast...yeah im a coffee snob in that I like to almost chew it as opposed to drink it) but it is FREE! and this girl loves her some free stuff
That cup is actually full...well kind's a Keurig and all that fits in my cup is 8 oz at a time. I go back at least 3 times before lunch.
3.) Candy at work. I know my "good habit" was supposed to be not eating crap at work but they had dark chocolate covered kit kats this week! I can't turn that down. I didn't visit every dish in the whole firm this week though  (Not that I have every other week...cough cough...again, this girl loves her some free stuff).
4.) Casual Friday. I love not having to think about what I have to wear tomorrow and also being able to wear all the cute skinny bright color pants I compulsively buy from target. 

These are actually bright green but I have an iphone and poor lighting so they look teal...oh well I love em and for $20 I bought 3 pairs (different colors) so far..... it may be a growing issue.
What are you loving today??
9/30/2012 11:28:13 pm

Welcome to the additcion known as the blog world :) Love so much in this post!! I adore my kale as well. Have you seen the recipe I posted a bit back with kale and quinoa? Its AMAZING, and a great way to use up old kale.
And I need colored pants!! Id actually really like a red or a deeper red. Maybe purple. BUT I think my hubby may be against them lol

Caitlin Martin
10/1/2012 01:28:17 pm

They have a copper red one that is great and a purple as well. They are on sale! He should be happy about the amazing deal.

10/7/2012 06:54:03 pm

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10/23/2012 12:20:45 pm

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