This week has been just crazy. Between people being on vacation at work and people coming back from the holiday last week it seems like I am getting pulled in so many different directions. I do kinda like it though, I know, I'm crazy. Anyway onto my 4th favorite thing in the blog world - lists.
This long weekend had had some pretty cute outfits for this sweats and hoodies loving girl. Friday night was sushi and then wine and cheese with friends (and that sexxaayy outfit on the left) and Thursday was my Thanksgiving look. I love that infinity scarf my aunt knit me so much. I wore it to work twice this week already (and it would totally match my outfit tomorrow now that I am thinking about it...).

I love wearing different things and breaking out of my super bland comfort zone. My credit card company loves it too. Oops.


Holiday candy, cookies, coffee, clothes, trinkets, etc. I can spend hours in those 3 aisles of Target. I love the everything about holiday themed things and holiday time specials. Again, my credit card company loves it too.


I understand that I am super late to the avocado toast party. I put a little butter (i was craving it), garlic powder, and a bit of fresh avocado. YUM. Along with a turkey burger (sans bun) it was such a good dinner. 


Throw back Thursday with bad lighting! My hair now is almost down to the middle of my back when it is straightened (anyone else have to describe the length of their hair when curly and when straight?? It makes a difference!) I love the long but I loved the short as well! I haven't had hair this long in forever so I don't want to rush to chop it but ehh...look at how heathy it is! 

I also loved that shirt...a good worn in and ripped Army shirt that sadly I left somewhere I will never go back to. dammit.

Tomorrow is Friday!! Have a fun and safe one :)

What are you loving this Thursday?? 
Any inexpensive shopping recommendations?

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