Did that just send chills down your spine?? That phrase never means anything good does it? oh how many mornings have I woken up that from my parents when I was in high school...err scratch that, I was a great kid ;)

Anyway I need some opinions. I realized lately (or finally came to terms with it) that I tend to have a bit of odd and distorted eating habits. Nothing too bad thankfully but I guess I just have a bad mindset about food sometimes.

In a way I feel like I have to "earn" my food. 

When I was in school I didn't really notice this feeling because I was walking from class to class or staying up long hours at work or basically doing something that so that I could "justify" eating. Now that I am at a desk for 9+ hours a day I don't feel the same. I know that you have to eat to run your brain and for fuel to keep you alive and all that good stuff, but when I am sitting for hours on end I just don't feel like food, or a healthy dosage of it, is necessary. 

This is an issue. I know it is not healthy to go "why do you need breakfast? your not going to the gym or serving or doing anything besides sitting your butt in this chair and working on a computer." I do eat, and I eat really healthy when I am at work, but I don't feel good about what I am eating until I get home from the gym and eat dinner. 

It is hard for me to really convey this feeling because I just realized it over the last few days and I am still analyzing it myself...I am not worried about it per se but I know I need to change my mindset real quick because this isn't a good road. 

wow...that felt pretty great to lay out there and analyze. wheewwww! Small weight lifted off my shoulders :)
Happier stuff to come later this week I promise! I even have a crap ton of photos and some actual cooking photos! (and yet I applaud myself over the littlest things... lol)
Anyone know where I am coming from? Any experience with this kinda mindset would be greatly appreciated!

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