Thanks Jenn!

Thursday I will have all of the scoop on my Halloween eats and treats but here is a big 'ol teaser:
Here are some eats from the day (obviously there was also a breakfast (granola) and a lunch (kale salad) but you had seen all of them before so onto the "new")
What are your Halloween plans?? 
10/31/2012 02:53:25 pm

Candy is just a needed snack during Halloween :)

11/3/2012 11:57:03 pm

I truely enjoyed every bite of candy on Halloween. Seriously, I miss the days when I could just ask you for some candy. You were like a candy supplier lol You always had some on you!

Caitlin Martin
11/4/2012 07:06:56 am

Hahah I am still like that! Always gotta have an emergency stash of candy in the purse just in case!

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