Thanks Jenn for hosting as usual! 

This week has been crazy busy but I like it! I love having so much to do at work, it just makes the day fly right? PLUS I have a four day weekend, woohooo. Anywhooo here are the eats for the day (thus far...):
This is all fairly self explanatory but I will admit that there was also quite a few candy cane Hershey Kisses eaten on top of all of this and also a bag of baked Ruffles. 

On another note my computer and phone are not playing together very well. I have a Mac and an iPhone so the siblings should get along right? Right??! Ugh well anyway my photos aren't uploading very well and since I take all my photos with my phone I am lacking in that department. Any advice? Does iPhoto sometimes not sync with anyone else's iPhones?? 

Well I am off to try to find some sugar before bed time! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Anyone else suffer from Mac problems like mine? 

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