Time to get back in the healthy game. Thanks Jenn for prompting me to take pictures and introducing me to new foods and workouts every week! Head over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else is noshing on this week.

Having a short week last week was just a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Best thing ever. But oh well...onto the food from today!
Okay...So breakfast may or may not have been (totally was) the white chocolate and peppermint pretzels. I have had a sore throat and while I totally meant to bring fruit I just couldn't do it. Sick Cait wanted sugar. 

As punishment I had lemon tea as a mid-morning pick me up. I must confess, I hate tea. I love iced tea and sweet tea and all that altered stuff but hot tea just isn't my thing. My hot beverage of choice is, and always will be, coffee. All that being said I didn't mind the lemon tea after adding a bit of splenda to it ;) 

Kombucha...typical. Although a new flavor for me!

Lunch was SUPPOSED to be Amy's organic low fat black bean soup over some sweet potato but again, sick Cait wanted something different. I ran over to Starbucks and picked up a sandwich and ended up eating that and totally neglecting my soup. 

Dinner is going to be a salad or maybe pasta, I honestly have no idea. Whatever is in the freezer for left overs will suffice.
Besides my little sick self I am feeling so happy and thankful after the holiday weekend. I enjoyed just relaxing with my family and prepping for Christmas. I came home from work on Saturday (yeah yeah weekend gig didn't get the holiday memo I guess) and saw this:
Christmas tree! And yes, my mom and I have already been shopping up a storm and almost filled up the ground around the tree. The presents are supposed to be a fortress to keep the little old lady dog out from underneath it but she has already carted off at least one ornament to her bed, sneaky brat. 

I took way more photos but I will wait until Thursday to post them or else this will turn into the longest post in history.

Oh btw my phone will sync with my computer if I plug it into the other USB port...weird...

Has anyone else started decorating yet?? How is the Christmas shopping going? I didn't do Black Friday but did anyone find a good deal?
11/29/2012 12:10:18 am

Hello, name twin ;) those white chocolate pretzels sound amazing! Whenever I'm sick I totally crave my not typical fruits and veggies too. I crave carbs like no other! It's important to do what you can to feel better ASAP so good for you for honoring your body! My Christmas decorating at home is all done :D and you just made me realize I still have a turkey decoration on my desk at work haha so thanks! I found so many fab Black Fri deals, look out for my Fashion Fri post tomorrow for a recap!

Caitlin Martin
11/29/2012 12:27:11 pm

There are so many ways to spell our name that it is unusual for someone to have the same exact one! Can't wait for the fashion post!


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