I would LOVE to say "Oh it's Wednesday ALREADY?? This week is just flying by!" but I can't. This week is crawling and it is only Tuesday night. Oh well onto some eats....
I swear I had more that liquids and granola..there is just no photographic proof...ehhh it wasn't that pretty of a meal anyway. For lunch I had a plain kale salad and some hard boiled eggs (booorriinnggggg). I don't know what I was thinking packing that lunch last night. It was lame and didn't even taste all that great. I am drinking the Kombucha right now and planning out dinner. I ran 3 miles yesterday (yayyy me!!!) and today I am taking a break so my knee doesn't get too angry at me and quit the team. I loved being all tired and sweaty and it definitely put me in a good mood after a long day at work. 

I have also been attempting to break out of my fashion rut with these:

I rarely wear prints, let alone printed pants, but the muted colors (black and gray) helped me feel a bit more comfortable and it felt good to mix it up and not just wear the same 3 outfits to work. I have another new outfit planned for Thursday so the firm better watch out ;) 
I hope your week is going by faster than mine! 

Anyone else own printed pants? Do you like that they make you stand out more or no?
What are you eating this week?
12/4/2012 06:01:39 pm

I've never tried Love Grown granola. I feel like I'm missing out because everyone says how amazing it is!
Nope, I don't own any printed pants. I do have some colored skinny jeans, though.

Have a great week!

12/4/2012 07:05:44 pm

The only printed pants I have are my comfy sleep pants, but they're pretty crazy! I love kombucha but can't find it near me. Have to take a 30 minute ride to find it! :-(

12/4/2012 08:15:11 pm

I can totally feel ya on that first statement. Normally I'm like WHOA, it's already Wednesday? But this week on Monday I kept on thinking it was already Tuesday. Soooo not good.

Hope the rest of the week flies by for you!

And I don't own patterned pants, mainly because they aren't very flattering on me. But I really like the retro/painted feel of yours. Very cool.

12/4/2012 10:17:34 pm

I really want some cool printed pants!! Ive seen a bunch at target, but most of them are floral, and I am SO not a floral kinda girl. I want something simple like polka dots :)

Caitlin Martin
12/5/2012 12:07:10 am

I got these at target! They have so many floral jeans there (which is not my thing either) but these are for work and aren't too girly.

Caitlin Martin
12/5/2012 12:08:44 am

Love Grown isn't as sweet as a lot of granola but I am guessing that is what makes it a bit lower in calorie. I just love the cleaner ingredients!

12/8/2012 09:44:29 am

I've never owned printed pants, but I love bright colored pants like red or turquoise ones! I feel like they're fun pieces of flair to dress up a would be boring outfit :)


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