Well I didn't do too well following the theme this week...but I had fun eating and drinking my face off so I guess it's okay? Well doubt it but this week I am trying to eat clean to counteract all the indulgences. 

This Sunday we had a block party and somehow I ended up getting almost no pictures of the food or guests but all of the pictures of the themed beverages of the night....
There was also a boatload of wine at the party but these were more fun and seasonal I thought. Food was just about everything you could imagine and way too many sweets!

Today I was finally feeling a bit better (I can't party on work nights anymore I guess...) and back to eating healthy. For breakfast I had granola (you know what it looks like) and coffee.
I bought a little size of it cause I wasn't sure if I would like it and now have to go back to target to buy the big box. I also have to hide it in my desk cause people be stealing my dressing at work and I am not letting them steal my coffee as well. I am not bitter at all.
Lunch was a kale salad (whole foods had one with cabbage and carrots mixed in!) with roasted garlic dressing and chili (obviously unpictured). Our neighbor always makes chili for the block party and since we hosted we got all of the leftovers. Spicy chili is perfect for a comfort food lunch. 

I have no pictures of dinner since I haven't eaten it yet but it will most likely include this:
...and a great deal of chips. There is also some left over cheesy artichoke dip that I I can totally see myself finishing off. 

Hey Hey also check out my first MIMM! (Since you care so much and all). 
Happy 12/12/12 y'all! 
Are your neighbors big partiers? Mine can hang better than college kids I swear.
12/12/2012 01:25:09 am

avocado hummus? is that just made out of avo or is it avo plus chickpeas? i can't eat chickpeas so i'm totally curious. yum!

12/13/2012 11:29:33 am

It does have chick peas..and sadly is way more hummus-y than it is avocado-y :(

12/12/2012 03:45:10 am

Oh my gosh I just tried that coconut mocha coffee for the first time last week and I LOVED it! I seriously thought it was like drinking a macaroon haha

12/12/2012 10:49:18 pm

That coffee sounds AMAZING!! I have a coconut chai tea that is seriously to die for. Coconut flavored anything is amazing in my book.


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