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Whoa. Next week is Christmas. In 6 days it is Christmas. Did it sneak up on anyone else??? 

Anyway imma let that wave of anxiety pass and move on to another What I Ate Wednesday! Head over to
Peas and Crayons to join in on the fun!
Breakfast was water and an unpictured handful of Cheez-Its and a cup of coffee (I am such a good role model). 

Lunch was god sent. I had totally flaked on packing a lunch and was going to suck it up and get Subway but lo and behold my building got a catered lunch for everyone! I bypassed the stuffing and pie and loaded up on salad and turkey (well and of course a roll, it was Ciabatta!). 

Snack was coffee with half a packet of no sugar added hot cocoa. 

The last picture was dinner last night but since I haven't had dinner yet today it still fits the idea of what I ate in a 24 hour period. I am a cheating loser, I know.
This is supposed to be a reindeer in case you had it confused with a tinsel explosion. $1.50 at this random Japanese store in my neighborhood! My desk will be a more merry until Christmas and knowing me it will be chilling there for months to come since I rarely take the things home I mean to (hello umbrella in my drawer since the first week, you just keep holding on buddy I'm coming for you). 

Well I should probably tend to this empty suitcase that has stared me down since I got home. Lord knows I won't do it tomorrow...I am off to Michigan on Friday (a.k.a the day the world ends) and I will try to take many lovely food and snow (gray sludge) pictures! 

Have a SAFE and wonderful holiday season everyone. Hug your loved ones tight :)

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