Wooohoo my WIAW is now legal baby! It's good to have something to be excited about right? 
Obviously I'm into my liquids lately...Juice and Chai Tea Lattes are my favorite things to start my day with and the Starbucks by work even spells my name right now! I may be going there too often for my own good....Last night I had leftovers to work on including one lone hardboiled egg, hummus, guacamole and some cut veggies. I was lazy so I smushed the hard boiled egg into the hummus and guacamole, doused it in Sriracha and had a "leftover" beer on the side. Balance? 
I have a bit of a "wrist candy" issues...The picture above was what was worn to job #2..the serving job. I had to stop myself with only 3 bracelets. I may need "wrist accessories anonymous."
I am still loving my new toy. I accidentally reset it halfway through my workout so I actually ran double this! The hills were killer but burned in such a good way ;)

I am beyond worn out and today (I am writing this on Tuesday night) and the day has not been a kind one. I am about to whip up some easy dinner and pass out to Parks and Rec. I hope your Tuesday (and Wednesday) are better than mine were/about to be! 
Anyone else bracelet and watch obsessed?
About the Polar  - Does the band bother anyone? I thought it 
2/6/2013 01:00:09 am

I love wrist candy or as I like to call it...#armparty! Holla! I love your arm party :D can I come?
How is that juice? It actually sounds good to me. Beer does not haha but seems balanced indeed, I love my nightly wine!

2/6/2013 06:21:16 am

That juice sounds so yummy and refreshing. :-) And that watch is beautiful! I usually don't like to wear jewelry, but recently, I've been wearing a watch every day. I wouldn't call it an obsession, but it's definitely different for me!

2/7/2013 10:32:42 pm

I've been coveting an HR monitor lately. Such motivation to torch through the calories.


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