Another hump day means another What I Ate Wednesday! Let's begin shall we?
Like usual I suck at taking consistent pictures of my meals. That being said I really did make an effort today y'all. Pineapple was breakfast and it was sadly very very tart. I only ate about half of what is in the picture and ditched the rest. Snack was goldfish and green tea. I still don't like tea but I am trying to condition myself by pairing it with something I do like, and who doesn't like the snack that smiles back?
I packed a healthy mix of veggies with a small scoop of spicy chili on top but when The Grilled Cheese truck is next door you just can't say no. I tried to be (semi) balanced though and got a turkey and cheese sandwich and somehow turned down the homemade BBQ and pickle chips (never had 'em but they sound just weird enough to be amazing). I guess my body wanted to teach me a lesson because by the time I was heading to the gym I had ZERO energy. I usually don't eat right before I workout because I feel better doing cardio on an empty stomach but I needed a little pick me up before I did the bike for an hour. Enter Toblerone....
I was only going to eat one triangle but we all know that didn't happen. Cue me scarfing down half of it in the gym parking lot. There may have been staring. It is times like these when I wish gy I did my longest plank yet though so I guess it did its job!

I have no idea what dinner will be but I think I have ingredients for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so that may be it. On second thought I should really get some veggies in today (since this months theme is loving your veggies...) so maybe a chicken salad instead. Either way it will be thrown together and not very photogenic so I am just gonna save you the time of viewing it and allow you to imagine something amazing and healthy instead. 
A few questions for ya:

Do you notice a difference when you eat a healthy lunch and when  you don't? I didn't realize one meal could have such an impact!

What are your favorite snacks to get you through the day?
2/14/2013 02:58:08 am

MMmmmm..Goldfish! I have not had any in ages. I really need to change that :).

2/14/2013 02:41:13 pm

if it makes you feel better. there would be no way I would be able to eat just one square of the toblerone bar either. those things are addicting lol


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