Woot woot new theme people! Anyone else suspect that Jenn gets kick backs from farmers or something? She does REALLY want us to eat our fruits and veggies after all ;)

Anyway this week has been crazy and it is not slowing down. Some weeks there are just not enough hours! My eats have been fairly consistent and boring as I adjust to the no dairy, sugar, grains or processed foods lifestyle. 
Breakfast is usually fruit:
I have been on a HUGE orange kick. So sugary and juicy yum. Snack is usually raw almonds or pumpkin seeds. Boring but they get the job done. 
Veggies and easy protein. Again I am the most boring eater ever but at least it isn't "cheating". I usually snack on some more nuts or whatever before the gym and then come home to a monster salad:
Sorry for the uber close-up but I had to show all the stuff that is in that thing! Lettuce, chicken, olives, pickled beets, cucumbers and pepperoncinis. YUM. I could eat pepperoncinis (banana peppers) for dayz. I may turn yellow soon. I also usually have my ACV with dinner which is not as good as pepperoncinis.
Pepper Rings? wtf?

I usually (always) have a snack before bed and it is usually hummus or guacamole and baby carrots. I have been snacking on a LOT of baby carrots. They are just so easy! I may turn yellowish orange on second thought...

On another note my first half marathon is Saturday!!!! I can't wait. I read everyone gets a medal. I want a medal for finishing. I can't wait. My momma's bday is Sunday so I am saving my "cheat" for homemade fried macaroni and I could not be more okay with it. I will be turning down cake and ice cream after all...
What's an easy snack for you? I want ideas!
What do you put in "monster salads"?
3/6/2013 12:02:57 pm

Haha I turned orange from eating so many carrots! But it takes a LOT of them to make it happen. Like, a big bag a day. Can't wait to hear about your half :)

3/6/2013 08:50:42 pm

Kitchen sink style salads are my fave - add a little of anything and everything that I'm craving... Yum! But if I had to choose one topping that I love on my salads it would have to be beans :)

My fave go-to snack is yogurt with cereal and a piece of fruit... Or if I'm on-the-go I'll just grab a protein bar.


good luck on your half marathon! Your eats look delicious, even if they are sugar/whatever free. I'm not doing the sugar/dairy free things anymore, but if you need inspiration for recipes or snack ideas you can search my blog for "sugar free" because I ate that way for a couple months last year!


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