Is this really my 5th already!?? WOW time sure flies! Thanks to Jenn for hosting and coming up with this great idea!

This week has been slllooowwww...but crazy at the same time. The weekend cannot come soon enough! Here are the eats:
Not the prettiest eat for sure but it's a kale and veggie chicken salad with tzatziki as the dressing. So.Freaking.Good. 
Snacky of carrots and more tzatziki...When I like something I kind of go on a bender...oops.
One of the many caffeinated loves of my life keeping me awake while I work.
I wanted to do a whole post just about these babies but held myself back. Corn Bread crackers though??! It's like the food gods heard by pleas and created this. I ate the whole box in 2 days and 2 sittings. So So good.
So we are missing dinner and to be honest I have no idea what it was. I think it was spaghetti but it could have been avocado pesto pasta. Either way it was delicious (as if I wouldn't eat it if it wasn't... ;))

Sorry this one feels a little lackluster...this week has put me in a funk so far...

How do you get outta a weird funk? Do you ever feel off and not know why?
9/25/2012 07:49:24 pm

I Love tzatziki sauce! Corn bread crackers sound good too!

9/26/2012 04:20:40 am

I have never tried the cornbread flavor. But I love the graham ones...dipped in some chocolate almond butter they make for the perfect healthy/indulgent snack :)

Thanks for sharing! Happy WIAW...

9/26/2012 03:01:47 pm

Hmm....that funk may have something to do with the food you're eating!! Processed foods have a huge impact on your mood and disposition.

Hope you're feeling better fellow los angelite!!


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