These weeks are dragging! Oh well at least this is a little fun in between all the work :) thanks Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!
Ohhhh what is this?? Did Caitlin really take photos of what she ate FOR A WHOLE DAY?? You are right smarty pants! I guess there really is a first time for everything. I do have a little clarification for these eats though (obviously this was too good to be true) and also an explanation for what I actually ate (cause my dark iPhone photos are obviously not very good indicators).

Breakfast was supposed to be the Chobani with granola but in the same vein with my post on Monday I wasn't too down (no worries I ate it today!). Breakfast actually ended up being coffee and then a mid morning snack (the Cheez its and water). Lunch was the tupperware of veggies (that I steamed at work) and a veggie chicken patty. Dinner was roasted sweet potato with ketchup/sriracha and a turkey burger and dessert was kit kats (way more than 2..).

My pride and joy are those sweet potatoes there. I can never seem to muster the patience to cook something all of the way (you know until brown and not mushy and weird) and for once I did! They were a bit crispy and oh so good. This better have not been a fluke.
My babies right out of the oven :)
I think I did fairly good this day. Obviously I should have eaten breakfast and probably stopped after 6 kit kats (I have issues when candy is around if ya couldn't tell) but I got a lot of veggies and healthy protein so I think it wasn't a bad day.
What is the best thing you are this week?? Anyone else have patience issues when it comes to cooking??
10/9/2012 11:35:24 pm

Oh gosh I am SUPER impatient when cooking, which is why I have to start BEFORE im hungry. If I dont, I will end up eating something else while I wait for my real food to finish lol
You and your candy. Some things never change ;)

10/10/2012 01:29:52 am

I just really don't think patience is a virtue of mine, which can be extremely bothersome :)

10/10/2012 02:16:21 pm

Strawberry/banana is my favorite chobani flavor! And pairing with granola sounds divine :) Love the extra crunch.

Thanks for sharing...Happy WIAW!

10/10/2012 03:40:20 pm

I have the worst patience when making lasagna and letting it sit for a 10 minutes after I take it outta the oven. I just wanna dig in right away!


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