Even as a self proclaimed 'morning person' I still find it hard to find the time to fit in a healthy breakfast before battling the LA traffic.  I know it is the "most important meal of the day" and I know I really do feel better and more awake once I have had it but it really is the last thing on my mind at 6 a.m. on a Monday morning.  Recently though I have found a quick, and easy, combo that makes me actually look forward to eating before noon and here it is:

Easy oatmeal with apples

1/2 cup instant oats
3/4 cup almond milk (water or regular milk is fine as well)
dash of cinnamon
dash of allspice
1 T Splenda (depending on your tastes...I like mine extra sweet!)
1 package freeze fried apples

Combine the oats and almond milk, stir, and microwave for 60 seconds.  Add spices and apples, mix, and heat again for 30 seconds.  Enjoy!

I usually eat this while I drive to class (or sit in the parking lot that is the 405 freeway during rush hour) and it really does satisfy.  Also oats are full of fiber which keeps you full longer than more processed or simple carbs! 

Oats from Ralph's grocery store (on sale for $3.99!) and freeze dried fruit from Costco (a package of 20 for $12).