So since I began working mon-sat my fitness regime has seriously suffered. I haven't been a serious runner in quite some time but I would take classes or do other things to keep myself in some form of shape. Lately though? Barely anything. I go to the gym after work but am usually to tired to do more than do a walking workout or the stationary bike (no judgement here but I know with my eating habits I NEED to be doing more). So starting on Friday I finally sucked it up and did it, I ran. I had such a productive and busy day and work and figured what could it hurt trying to run a few miles on the treadmill? I could always stop if I wasn't feeling it or if my knee acted up anyway.

And obviously we all know how  this turned out...

It was great! It was 3 miles of jogging (with a few walks here and there while I found another good running song) and I was so proud of myself after. Saturday my legs were sore and it made me even happier that I pushed myself and could feel the results of that. I was back to the stationary bike yesterday but today I went another 3 miles and while it didn't feel as good as Friday it still was doable and I know it was good for me.

I guess before I used school or work or anything as an excuse to not "have" to push myself. I figured I was still going to the gym and still doing 60 minutes of some form of cardio and that was enough. I know this sounds so naive, especially since I was an athlete all through highschool and know better, but it really is the only reason I can think of. I can't wait to implement more challenging workouts into my work week and see how it improves my mind as well as my body. It obviously is never to late to make a change and the best time to start doesn't have to be anytime in particular! I just decided as I was driving to the gym that I was going to run and then bam, handled. 

Well that was my pseudo-inspirational post. I'm off to go run some errands before it's back to the office grind tomorrow!
How is everyone's weekend going? Anyone conquer any challenges?
9/9/2012 01:15:42 pm

Congrats on running those miles! I'm still recovering from a stress fracture and longing for the day when I can say to myself, "I'm going to try to run a few miles" and then go do it! Someday... someday. :)

Enjoy getting back into the grind of the workweek. ;) I'm right there with ya!

Caitlin Martin
9/12/2012 01:21:22 am

Ouch I hope it heals up soon!


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