So since it is September, and in my mind September is fall (don't mind the 90 degree temperatures) I have totally gone overboard with fall themed things this weekend.
Let's start with the nails. All summer I have been OBSESSED with Essie's bright and pastel colors. I don't know if they were special editions or what the deal was but they were to die for and I was sucked in. Since it is fall September though I switched it up and went for this dark red. Love it! 

Onto the fall food. I have a confession to make. I have never roasted a sweet potato. I have an even worse confession to make. I DESPISED sweet potatoes until this summer. I always thought they had to be sweet and made with sugar and for some reason I just wasn't down with that. This summer I tried it with butter and salt and seasonings and it was AMAZING. So yummy. So I roasted my very first and covered it in butter, salt, pepper, and chili powder. Ahhhh fall heaven.

So anyway..hopefully the rest of the country and mother nature catches up with me and we can all celebrate together. Have a happy Labor Day!

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