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This one will be short and sweet because I am crazy busy and we have had some last minute family emergencies come along that need my attention. Thanks Katie for the blog meet up!!
My ONLY sister is engaged! It is no surprise because they have been together for about 9 years now but it still exciting to say the least. The last few days have been comprised of work and all sorts of wedding plans. Did I mention they are getting married THIS summer? In Maine?? Stressed doesn't even begin to describe how this maid of honor feels.

Oh well at least I know the bridal shower theme...
Okay so it's just lobster themed...not lobster babies theme..so cute though right? 
On top of all of the wedding planning to be done I also decided to start an intensive certificate program over the summer. Two jobs, wedding planning and full time school sounds doable right? haha. Wish me luck blogger friends. This sick little puppy needs it. 

How was your weekend? 
Any advice for a wedding novice?
4/15/2013 07:05:58 pm

What exciting news. Congratulations to your sister and her fiance <3


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