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Isn't the new MIMM tag super cute?? I wish I was creative.... Anyway how was your weekend? Mine is not quite over yet because I have President's Day off!! Woohooo to not dreading a Monday for once.
As you can tell from the photo above my Friday nights are SUPER crazy. It was a bike day since I ran 6 miles the night before but I still managed to get a good mileage and calorie burn out of it. The bottom picture is just how empty the gym is on a Friday night...There was like 10 cars.
For Valentine's Day my mom got me super bright running socks...she knows me too well. I also have hot pink and neon orange so beware of the glow when I take off my shoes. She didn't get me candy because everyone knows I scour the stores on the day after and by enough to send a small country into a sugar coma....
Try this X3. Now time to practice some self control and not eat it all in a day. 
I am finally on the ACV train! I have only had it for 3 days now so I don't notice any difference but I hope it works the wonders that people say it does. 

Hope your Monday is marvelous as well!

Has taking Apple Cider Vinegar done anything for you?
Anyone else stocking up on clearance Valentine's Day candy?
2/18/2013 01:18:23 am

Glad you love the new logo! Thank you love!!

Looks like you had a good weekend and what a great mom to get you some awesome sweets!

Enjoy your day off!


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