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Happy Monday! I am writing this on Sunday and am sure I will NOT be having a happy Monday after celebrating St. Patty's day tonight...Oh well. I did have a fairly marvelous weekend up to this point though! 
After work on Saturday I took my lovely grandma (who is in town visiting) out for lunch. I know she likes beer so I took her to a local restaurant that has a brewery. Sadly they were out of many of the beers we wanted to try but she ended up liking hers anyway and I still got to try their "Special Bitter" which was tasty. Yummy salads too. 

Not so marvelous is my realization that I need to rest my knee and should cut down on the running. My knee had felt really good throughout much of my training for the half but this last week it has been aching like crazy. Any tips to help a girl out? For now I guess I will stick with low impact and strength workouts...ugh
Morning add on! Last night was fun and I am going to go die at work now...Happy Monday
3/18/2013 02:30:44 am

Rest that knee up girl, just be safe!!

Glad you had a good wknd and how sweet you took your gram out!


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