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I have been a horrible blogger lately. Work has been crazy and by the time I am home I am worn out and have no good thoughts (or pictures) that are worthy of anyone's time. I vow to change that though since work SHOULD be slowing down this week. Onto another Marvelous Monday! Thanks Katie for hosting!
Marvelous is the fact that I have  slowly started to do more strength work at the gym. I have been consistently doing wall sits, planks, squats, biceps and tri's. I know many people do this all the time and don't think twice but I have always only been a cardio girl. Running, walking, biking etc was all I ever did and all I wanted to do. I know that building muscle is good for me (and won't make me "bulk" up or anything) but I just haven't been able to get into a routine. I hope it pays off! 
Marvelous is my amazing tip I received today! I have a second job on the weekends that consists of serving birthday parties and today it definitely paid off. Now I just need to try not to blow it all on one trip to Target....
Something not so Marvelous is how my laptop has been misbehaving. Sometimes the bottom pane of applications will disappear and then nothing will work and I have to turn it off and turn it back on (and not the "proper" way). I am not sure if it is just getting old (it is 2 years) or if it has some sort of virus. I have had to turn it off twice so far while writing this post...Anyone with a Macbook that can lend their experience and expertise??

Okayyy well I guess I should sleep at some point. Have a marvelous Monday y'all!!

What did you do this weekend? 
3/25/2013 04:30:52 am

Computer probs are the WORST! I am sorry girl, hopefully you can take to the mac genius bar and get it fixed!

Sending computer prayers to you!


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