The end of the work week and this weekend have been crazy. I wanted to do a recipe (finally) or a well thought out post but I work job #2 all weekend and am trying to keep up my social/workout life (workout life is failing). Here are a bunch of pictures of what I have been up to! Enjoy!

Longest plank yet! Plank-a-day is the one thing I have actually kept doing even through my absence from the gym.
Jello shots at a dive bar with one of my friends last night. You cannot take me into a dingy bar that offers jello shots and expect me not to buy one. I obviously was too excited to take a photo before shootin' up....sorry...

The perks of working right by LAX! Saw the shuttle land and then the office bribed us to continue working that day with ice cream and pizza...ohhh another reason why my job is making me fat.
Going along with the idea of cute drink containers here is my new "green" water cup for work! I have a plain one but it was becoming a bitch to have to clean it everyday so I shelled out the $5 for a backup one.
And last but definitely not least is a picture of my adorable old lady and her new bed. Yeah I am kinda obsessed. 
How is everyone else's weekend going??

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