Happy New Years everyone! I am writing this post Tuesday evening since I know I won't have time tomorrow morning so it is still a holiday over here. 

For New Years Eve I had work :( but the managing partner sent us home at 3 so I had ample time to prep and watch trash tv before the night began. I knew I wasn't down to go to a club or outta town since I am still recovering from the Christmas festivities so I went over to one of my good friend's houses for dinner and relaxation. She is Japanese and her whole family brought so much good food I was about to burst. Home made sushi rolls, sashimi, chicken, pork were all on the menu (plus some items that I have no idea what they were!). Everything was really good and refreshing! After that I went over to another one of my friend's houses to catch up since I hadn't seen here since long before Christmas and then it was right in bed for me. I know, I am super hardcore. 
Home before midnight means more time in my pajamas plus not being on the road when the crazies are leaving bars! Double win!

Today I went on a long walk at the beach with my mom, followed by a breakfast at Good Stuff and then came home to do an hour of yoga! I usually can't stand yoga (sorry) but I found a video on the exercise on demand channel that moved at a nice pace and I know my booty is gonna be sore tomorrow. 

As far as eats I totally flaked on taking many pictures. Dinner was an old standby of greek salad but otherwise I only have a picture of my lunch and snacks tomorrow...
Snacks will be a baby cucumber with garlic ranch dressing and some beef jerky. I already packed these for work so I don't "forget" them and buy chips instead. 

Lunch will be my first ever roasted squash! I roasted Kabocha with salt, pepper, olive oil and a little shake of cayenne pepper. It isn't my favorite squash ever but it is pretty tasty none the less and I can check another veggie off my list!
Before and after! I also do kinda love that you can eat the peel as well, it just makes it feel healthier for some reason!

Anyway this post is getting outrageously long so I am gonna save the rest of my pictures and happenings for later this week. I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday! 
What did you do for New Years Eve?
Did you watch the Rose Parade on New Years Day? (I did but it seemed so long!)
1/2/2013 03:56:53 am

We had a pretty relaxing new years as well. just dinner and movies with family! and I always love watching the parade. The part with the soldier who came home and suprised his son made me cry!


I was snacking on some cucumbers and ranch last night. It's so yummy!

1/2/2013 03:31:07 pm

Oh man, bringing in the New Year with sushi?? Sounds like pure heaven =)

1/2/2013 07:28:16 pm

There's no shame in taking it easy on New Year's Eve. I had a lovely dinner with the Hubby and then came home, opened a bottle of champagne and danced in the kitchen. It's all about who you're with anyway, not where you actually happen to be. At least, that's what I think.
Kudos on trying another new squash. I had my first pumpkin and acorn squash this past fall, and I felt a superhero cooking and eating them. I have a very active imagination.

1/2/2013 10:45:12 pm

Looks like a great NYE! I love sushi- so awesome that you had it homemade! We were totally low key and lame and just stayed in as well, but it was great!

1/7/2013 11:11:51 pm

I love that you can eat the peel too! It makes cooking so much easier :)


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