Thanks Jenn for giving me a reason (swift kick in the ass) to blog regularly! 

This week has been crazy so far! Work has been hectic, traffic is back thanks to everyone being back from vacation and the gym is just humming along with all of the January resolutions. I am so happy it is almost Wednesday! Can you sense any sarcasm there? Ugh I guess it doesn't translate well but whatever. Let's eat folks. 
Breakfast is always coffee and a couple mini chocolates from the candy jar. The habit doesn't seem to budge and I am over fighting it so it is what it is. I usually punish myself an hour later by making myself drink green tea. Balance? Snack has been pretty consistent as well. Baby cucumbers with dressing. That photo was when I got a little distracted and dressing happy. Lunch was really good. Anytime there is homemade pizza and a magazine lunch is good as far as I am concerned. Dinner was inhaled so I only took a picture as I paused to breath in between mouthfuls. Chicken tacos with kale and lots of hot sauce. Yum. I'm hungry again all ready. 

I did two 30 minute workout videos on Sunday and OUCH! My arms and back are killing me. I was trying to put a sports bra on at the gym and my yelp was enough to draw attention (and it's the YMCA where people pass out all the time, you gotta be good to get the attention of those ladies). The videos were a mix of yoga and Pilates and while I didn't feel it then I sure have respect for it now. I can't wait to do it again ;)
What's a good workout video? I need one that keeps my attention!
Any food ruts got you lately? My candy and cucumber mornings are becoming unbreakable! 
1/9/2013 04:32:29 pm

Man, I used to hate when i'd go to the gym & all the new years resolution people were there. Only one more month until it slowly clears up though :)

1/9/2013 11:09:50 pm

I used to have the bad breakfast habit of just eating a chocolate Jello pudding cup in the morning and that's it! It's all I ate for breakfast from elementary to high school. I think that experimenting with new to me foods is what broke the habit but I still don't like breakfast foods that much and never want much in the morning. I typically just do fruit.
I love Tone It Up workout videos! I just did a review for the Beach Babe DVD on my blog but they also have videos online.
I love reading while I eat lunch at work. It's so soothing :)

1/10/2013 01:40:52 pm

Sorry you had such a hectic week. At least you food looks good! :)

Hope you get some R&R this weekend.


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