I don't know what happened last week but I got my act together today and while I don't have a full days worth of eats I do have more pictures than usual of my eats lately! 

First up lets look at my snacks these past few days: 
Like how the dog totally photo bombed my first pic? That girl is like a moth to a light when she sees the fridge open...Moving on before I get too distracted chatting about her..Has anyone tried the Garlic spread in the first picture?? I found it at Whole Foods when I was looking for a non-hummus spread (my sister doesn't like hummus, I don't know who she thinks she is). It is a rosemary and thyme flavor and is so good. Horrible garlic breath is guaranteed but worth it. The others aren't as exciting...baby tomatoes, hardboiled eggs and almond milk. Random and yummy snacks for when I'm hungry (or just bored)!

Lunch for today was another random meal. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking the night before when I open my lunch the next day...
After I saw the banana Chobani on Katie's blog I made it a point to look for it while grocery shopping. I wish it was more banana-y but it was a healthy lunch none the less... It also reinforced my love for a savory midday meal. I don't seem to find it a meal unless it has veggies and salty protein...odd I am. 
Yesterday was my first "real" training run for my half marathon in March! I met up with my friend who is running it with me and we did a long run at the beach. We ended up doing an hour and twenty minutes and while we both knew we could have done longer (we weren't sprinting it or anything) we were getting close to that mental wall. The run just reinforced my idea that my body will have no issue with the race but my mind and mental focus will need the most training. I am still super excited though :)

Okay well I don't want to get too wordy and bore y'all to sleep so I will wrap this up. I hope everyone's Wednesday is going great!

Any tips on "mentally" training for a half?
What new foods have you been snacking on?
1/23/2013 11:07:46 am

Keeping a training log and starting each day by writing your workout goal in it can help you stay motivated. You are doing great.

1/23/2013 11:17:23 am

Love HB eggs as a snack :)


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