23 weeks for a 23 year old! Thanks to Jenn for another Wednesday of linking up :)

Today I was just off. I had a horrible stomach ache after my run yesterday and didn't sleep very well last night. I had every intention of being healthy and back on the green grind today but lack of sleep + still a touchy stomach meant I was going to eat whatever I wanted. 
Breakfast was an everything bagel smothered in cream cheese. This is an old picture so it only looks like I ate half a bagel but when have I ever only eaten HALF a bagel? I don't play those games.

Lunch was supposed to be yogurt and cheerios since I found these finally at Fresh and Easy:
Then work had to grow throw a wrench in at and buy us all lunch. Who do they think they are? Anyway by the time I found y way to the lunch room the sandwiches were a bit soggy..eww. I grabbed one anyway and realized it had a pretty nice chicken breast in it, no lunch meat here. I ended up cutting up the chicken breast and then finishing that well balanced meal with some of the best cookies I have ever had:
I don't know why the powdered sugar or the raspberries decorating the plate because they were just chocolate chip but yumm....I think they had a mix of milk and dark chocolate chips which is just brilliant.

Just like every other time I am writing this post I have yet to have dinner yet...I usually wait to eat until I have gotten all my other tasks complete and writing up this post is one of my "tasks". Plus the kitchen is a mess and if I go in there I will have to clean it...avoidance is best in this case. 

Anyone else like to wait until everything is all done before sitting down to a meal? Most likely it's just me....
Which Chobani Bite is best? I haven't even tried the one I bought yet and am already itchi
2/20/2013 12:53:12 am

I always have to take care of dishes I use for my meal before eating. I can't stand knowing there is dirty dishes just sitting in the sink.girl, I'm sorry your stomach is still feeling off today. sending you many prayers!!


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