Another Wednesday and another attempt to blog about a day full of eats! Thanks to the momma-to-be Jenn for hosting!

On Monday I started a 30 day challenge that is similar to the Whole Life Challenge except for a few (major) differences. We all know I can't follow directions and don't like being told what to do so of course I don't want to do the exact WLC. I am sticking with the idea of giving up grains, dairy, and added/processed sugar (even artificial!) and am also adding the 10 minutes of stretching they recommend. The challenge also says you must do at least 10 minutes of working out which I know I usually do so I don't really need to "add" it to my routine. Here are a few of my day 1 & 2 eats:
The picture on the left is my Monday lunch which consisted of a grilled and then chopped turkey burger and some steamed kale. I love kale but steamed was just...odd. Oh well. The other picture is from lunch today which was much better and was a sweet potato and some green beans. I miss my hot sauce :(
I also had to stock up on some snacks to get me through the cravings for carbs and sugar. Raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, raw juice (nothing added as far as I could tell!) and some baked plantains. The raw almonds were a life saver when 11 a.m. hit and it was too early to eat lunch!

So far I am feeling okay. I worry about my 10 mile run on Thursday and need to plan out a good lunch to get me through it and a good dinner to help me recover from it. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!! I am really hoping to learn more about why I eat and why I crave what I crave. Wish me luck because 30 days seems like a long time for this impatient girl!

Well I am off to go finish meal prep and then sleep! I do love how well I seem to be sleeping and cannot wait to drool over all your food pictures! I can live vicariously through others on WIAW...
How is your week going?
What are you eating this Wednesday? 
2/27/2013 09:10:32 pm

Be careful cutting out your carbs while you are running. I have had nights before longer runs where I do lots of veggies like sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli/Brussels sprouts.


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