Whew it has been a while hasn't it?? Sorry! Work has been crazy and I have been so drained that trying to write or even upload pictures has felt just about impossible. 
Sooo about these photos...the only ones I got today were my "breakfast" which was fudge and my snack which was the apple rolls (so spicy, so good). I totally ate A LOT more but I was eating with co-workers and somehow found myself too distracted to take a photo. It was food truck day at work and they had a hot dog truck so you know I was there. YUMMM. I could eat that weirdly processed meat all day. It's sad and gross I know. 

Here is what I will be eating tomorrow though: 
It's an old photo but I promise it is what I am eating for lunch tomorrow! I already packed it and everything :) Kale with a black bean veggie burger and garlic ranch dressing. Yum.....I am drooling. It might not make it to lunch tomorrow if I keep looking at this photo. 
Besides the fudge my diet has also consisted of a little too much of the delectable eggs pictured above. They are my absolute favorite and I may be stock piling them for after the season is over and they disappear ;)

So thinking back to my meals I know I totally failed on basically every nutritional front. I lacked any sort of green and my protein consisted of a hot dog...Ugh. Well the nice thing about wiaw is that it allows you to look at your meals and realize what you are putting into your body on a daily basis. I know I workout consistently and have that part down pat but I need to up my food game hardcore! Easier said than done...


How has your week been so far?
Are you bet
3/27/2013 11:53:08 am

Mmmm -- fudge for breakfast! It like like there were nuts in it, so that counts for protein too, right? ;-)

3/28/2013 12:21:58 am

I am definitely not the best at getting all my veggies/protein etc in for the day, don't feel bad! Some days and weeks are better than others. And that fudge looks delicious!


Thank you for the information. Love this blog


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