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This week was kind of a failure. Not on the healthy eating/good habits front but on the photo front. I kept forgetting to take more than one photo a day and days when I remembered I was usually surrounded by people at work and didn't want to come off as the new girl who has an odd photo taking habit (give me a month and i'll be all over it). Alas I did manage to take a few photos of my snacks this week:
Fromt top left: Carmel Crunch Chex mix (I really only ate the Chex pieces...I don't know why I don't just buy a box...), Target granola at my desk at work, Clif Kid Z Bar before the gym (perfect size and calorie count for my pre/post gym snack attack), vodka cranberry at a demolition derby in the desert ($8 for half a shot of Grey Goose and gallon jug cranberry juice...never again.).

Obviously I have been eating meals and my highlight lunch of the week was this baby right here:
Ahhhh sweet heavenly kale. Kale is basically my go to lunch, usually combined with either a veggie burger or some sort of beans (gotta get some protein in there). This week I splurged and bought some broccolini sprouts to add to the mix. YUM YUM. Pour on a little light honey mustard dressing and I am a happy camper. 

As far as "Fall into good habits" goes I am kicking ass. I already told you about my running and I am proud to say I am still keeping it up (3.5 miles today!). Tomorrow is my rest day and for the first time in a while I truly feel like I earned it. 

Well I am off to enjoy a little sweet potato/chili mess bowl and then crash out for the night. Have a great hump day everyone!
How is everyone doing with the theme? Almost halfway through September!
9/12/2012 01:06:33 am

I also struggle with taking enough pics of my eats for my blog! Glad I'm not the only one :). From your bio it looks like you're also in the LA area! I love finding other healthy living bloggers out there in my area. Any great restaurant recommendations?

Caitlin Martin
9/12/2012 01:20:39 am

I do live in the area! I wish I had good recommendations but I don't tend to eat out that often! I'll let you know if I discover a gem though :)


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