It's a quick one tonight because I am crazy busy trying to get my butt to bed for a busy day tomorrow (gotta get up and link up before work ya know!). Thanks Jenn for hosting!
(From top left): Hummus and carrot chips / Best lunch hour ever (turkey burger over salad, diet coke and Rolling Stone) / Yoplait and granola / "I hate being bored at work won't someone email me??" snack / Macaroni and Cheese.
These all weren't noshed on in the same day..the chocolate, lunch and mac and cheese were but the others were from today. Overall I know my meals are fairly balanced (I was practicing portion control with the macaroni... baby steps) I just need to either snack healthy or not at all. I usually am not even hungry I am just bored or annoyed...well usually bored. I have a better post planned for tomorrow I promise! I couldn't miss out on WIAW though so forgive me (is this a hit it and quit it? Booty call? Sorry for some reason this is all my brain can think of as witty at this point :/ )
How do you control boredom eating?? I can't be the only one to partake! 
10/17/2012 03:01:32 pm

Mmm I've been seeing mac & cheese everywhere lately. I really need to make some.

10/19/2012 12:08:40 am

My best advice is to call someone on the phone - that's the solution I've found to work best so far! It's always hard to control, though, especially if you're at home for a long period of time!


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