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Isn't the new MIMM tag super cute?? I wish I was creative.... Anyway how was your weekend? Mine is not quite over yet because I have President's Day off!! Woohooo to not dreading a Monday for once.
As you can tell from the photo above my Friday nights are SUPER crazy. It was a bike day since I ran 6 miles the night before but I still managed to get a good mileage and calorie burn out of it. The bottom picture is just how empty the gym is on a Friday night...There was like 10 cars.
For Valentine's Day my mom got me super bright running socks...she knows me too well. I also have hot pink and neon orange so beware of the glow when I take off my shoes. She didn't get me candy because everyone knows I scour the stores on the day after and by enough to send a small country into a sugar coma....
Try this X3. Now time to practice some self control and not eat it all in a day. 
I am finally on the ACV train! I have only had it for 3 days now so I don't notice any difference but I hope it works the wonders that people say it does. 

Hope your Monday is marvelous as well!

Has taking Apple Cider Vinegar done anything for you?
Anyone else stocking up on clearance Valentine's Day candy?
Do you know why this Monday is extra freaking marvelous? Like the most marvelous of all the Mondays? Because I don't have work today!! It may seem a bit sad how much that excites me but oh well I love any day where I get paid to sleep in and chillax. 

This weekend wasn't too shabby either. Saturday was spent lounging around, reading, cooking and cleaning. I also enjoyed these:
Definitely not as good as the homemade thing but it satisfied a perpetual craving. I also baked them instead of pan frying so basically they were calorie free right? ;)

Another marvelous thing?
My January Bulu Box arrived! I haven't tried anything yet but it is fun to see what new stuff is out there and sample the goodies. I am seriously hoping the Dream Water is all it is cracked up to be because this girl has serious insomnia. 

The last marvelous thing is that I signed up for my first half marathon! I knew what date I was going to register for this whole week so I started "training" on Monday and while I am pretty sure my body can handle it (I haven't asked my knee yet but what does it know?) I know it will be a challenge mentally. I get bored REALLY easily and even though I love running and love the feeling I wonder how I will hold up to 13 miles. I ran a little over 5 miles on Thursday and time was dragging. Maybe running outdoors/with a buddy will help?

Today I am planning on shopping and then getting a beach run in with my friend who signed up for the half with me. I hope to get a solid 6 miles in since I only have until early March to prepare! 

 I really thought I had more pictures to share but I guess I just THOUGHT I was taking a lot this weekend...welp...guess I really am getting old an losing my mind. Anyway I do have a lot of questions for y'all!

Have you done a half marathon? Any advice?? How do you balance strength training with training for the race?n it? 
Anyone else get a Bulu Box? How do you like the stuff i
Thanks Jenn for giving me a reason (swift kick in the ass) to blog regularly! 

This week has been crazy so far! Work has been hectic, traffic is back thanks to everyone being back from vacation and the gym is just humming along with all of the January resolutions. I am so happy it is almost Wednesday! Can you sense any sarcasm there? Ugh I guess it doesn't translate well but whatever. Let's eat folks. 
Breakfast is always coffee and a couple mini chocolates from the candy jar. The habit doesn't seem to budge and I am over fighting it so it is what it is. I usually punish myself an hour later by making myself drink green tea. Balance? Snack has been pretty consistent as well. Baby cucumbers with dressing. That photo was when I got a little distracted and dressing happy. Lunch was really good. Anytime there is homemade pizza and a magazine lunch is good as far as I am concerned. Dinner was inhaled so I only took a picture as I paused to breath in between mouthfuls. Chicken tacos with kale and lots of hot sauce. Yum. I'm hungry again all ready. 

I did two 30 minute workout videos on Sunday and OUCH! My arms and back are killing me. I was trying to put a sports bra on at the gym and my yelp was enough to draw attention (and it's the YMCA where people pass out all the time, you gotta be good to get the attention of those ladies). The videos were a mix of yoga and Pilates and while I didn't feel it then I sure have respect for it now. I can't wait to do it again ;)
What's a good workout video? I need one that keeps my attention!
Any food ruts got you lately? My candy and cucumber mornings are becoming unbreakable! 

Back to blogging! These last couple weeks have flown by and while I have taken pictures (with every intention of posting them) I never actually made it down to writing a post. Marvelous in My Monday is the perfect way to get back into the blogging routine!

Christmas was a whirlwind and it literally felt like I landed in Michigan and then flew back out the very next day. The flights were not cool with this nervous flier but we made it out before the storm hit last week (I hope everyone stayed safe!) and minus some wind a few big "pothole" feeling bumps I arrived home on Wednesday with almost all of my nerves intact. The same cannot be said for my health and body though. Does anyone else feel like they need a looooong detox after the holidays?? With all of the booze and sugar and carbs my body is really just craving veggies and fresh juices. 

Anyway here are some of the photos from the trip:
Well the first three pictures are pretty self explanatory. Trees, snow and more snow all definitely made appearances during my 5 day long stay in the mitten state. The 4th picture is a tradition (and also not my own photo). We always try to go to Hamtramck to get polish food whenever we are in town and this is the place we always go. Ohh it is carbicide and I love it. Potato noodles, schnitzel, pierogi, city chicken (my first time trying it!), and kielbasa. I am drooling just thinking about it. The last photo is what I blew almost half of my xmas bonus on. Rose gold and shiny I love it. 
Now that I am back I am so excited to have my meals look a little more like this and to have my workouts actually take place! Happy New Years and I hope everyone has a great week!
Anyone else needing a detox after the holidays?? 
What is the best thing you did/ate this weekend?
Wednesday already?? Just the realization to brighten my mood! Here we go....

Can't wait to see what Jenn has in store for October!

Apparently my good habit of this month is not going to be learning how to take photos of just one days eats...but oh well more for you to admire I suppose ;)

To your left is my beverages of the weekend...fairly balanced?

It was Oktoberfest alright?? I did chug the water and Kombucha the rest of the weekend though..so not all bad.

To your right is my snacks for the work week. 

Finally found granola without all the oil and stickyness most seem to have! 

Plus some corn chex and a Clif Z bar rice crispy treat thing (cause I'm 5).


This was my yummy find of the week. I LOVE putting veggie "chicken" patties or veggie burgers over either a salad or steamed veggies at work and I finally ran out of the Chipotle Black Bean Burgers I found at Costco. These were pretty darn good and only 120 calories! 


Perfect for my Kale (and edamame cause I had some frozen and it had no big future plans) salad! YUMMM 

I also had this....which I need some help with...It's like "Who Wants to be a Millionare" and I'm polling the audience....

Anyone else think this tastes really weird and is strangely watery??

I love greek yogurt but this flavor just wasn't hitting any of the right spots.

Anywhooo....Hope everyone is having a great week! It's finally starting to cool off in LA!
Now I didn't procrastinate on this post because of the post itself but because I really couldn't bring myself to start the workout on my own.  I know I mentioned my distaste for solo toning workouts so this isn't much of a surprise.  But alas I finally did it and completed my first NTC workout on my own and without any major failures.  I chose a 20 minute toning workout and set it at beginner level (never want to push myself to hard right?....sarcasm).  

The verdict????


No, really it was great.  I was doing lunges and I was doing crunches and the best part? I wasn't getting bored!  I love how you never really know what is coming next (I wonder whether it would get boring if I was doing it consistently and learning its routines though...) and you only had to do a move or one set and then it was onto the next.  My attention span rivals that of a 4 year old and this kept me working hard and tuned into my workout. I knew I coulda done a longer workout but I was so excited and accomplished feeling that I just reveled in the feeling once I was done.

Overall I must recommend this to anyone who can get their hand (err phones?) on it.  I have already done it again and can't wait to try the other workouts they have.

Happy toning!

Have you ever used a fitness app for your phone?  Did it help?
Contrary to what most of us want to believe working out is more than just putting in 30 minutes on the elliptical every other day.  Through the gym I attend by home I am fortunate enough to have access to trainers for when I have questions or want to get my butt (forcibly) kicked into shape.  One of the trainers has been telling me about the fitness application from Nike called Nike Training Club and while I typically shy away from doing any sort of strength work on my own (doing 3 sets of squats without anyone making me? nah) I decided to give it a try.  For my first time my trainer Esther went through it with me and we started with the beginner level.  I should have known I was in for a tough time when the trainer says she did this same workout two days ago and was still sore from it!  The workout switches from one exercise to another every 30-60 seconds and thus gives you no time to get bored or think about how much your legs and arms hurt and after it was over I was literally dripping with sweat.  I am already feeling sore but I have yet to achieve my goal of strength training ALONE so tomorrow I plan to download the app and put it to the test.  

Have you ever used a fitness app? Did it work for you?